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Huntington Park

Huntington Park is known for its baseball stadium, the stadium is located in Columbus, Ohio, United States. The baseball stadium is at the turn of the Neil Boulevard and Nationwide in the Arena District of Columbus. The stadium ground is about 99m both covering the left and the right field.

Huntington Park

The ground serves as a home of the Columbus Clippers of the International league, Triple A minor league and affiliate of the Cleveland Indians since 2009. The construction of the vast stadium was completed in April 2009. A startling fact about this stadium is that it was designed by almost 360 Architectures. The stadium has 10,100 seats for the spectators to enjoy the match. The stadium looks more attractive at night under the great beautiful sky and flashing lights of the stadium shining on the grounds of the fields is one thing that you cannot stop admiring.

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The first match in the stadium that ever played was by Columbus Clippers playing with Toledo Mud Hens in 2009. This place is the one to look for by the tourists if they have interest in baseball. You can always wear your favorite league’s t shirt and hold some banners to show support, if you want to enjoy the show, you should come on time to reserve your seat to be at ease for the rest of the show as the stadium gets really crowded even before the start of the match so you can imagine how crowded it will get once the show would start.

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The Stadium also serves food and drinks because the matches are usually played for a really long time so one can get hungry and the match can become tiring. The parking of the stadium is really vast, so you don’t have to worry about it, but you have to give $5 token money in the entrance of the stadium for parking your vehicle.

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The ticket price for one person costs in between$7 – $ 20 for the adults and the ticket price for the kids starts from $4- $7 but the prices of the tickets can always vary depending upon where you can get the seat in the stadium. So if you’re a sports lover do plan your visit to support your favorite team.

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11 Best places to visit Halloween across the U.S

11 Best places to visit Halloween across the united states 1

Halloween is celebrated on 31st of October, in winters where the nights are cold and foggy. From kid to adult Halloween is a special awaited month for everyone to dress up in their desired costumes, be as spooky as they wish to be and most importantly you get treats from your neighbors, family and friends. So this month holds a special place in everyone’s heart, everyone wants to celebrate it in the best places to make lots of amazing memories. So here are some of the best places you would want to visit to celebrate your Halloween across the U.S.

11 Best places to visit Halloween across the united states 1

Sleepy Hollow Halloween Events

Sleepy Hollow is situated in a village in New York State’s Hudson Valley. The whole village lights up in Halloween, it is decorated with pumpkins which are carved in scary faces and each pumpkin glowing with the warm light placed inside. Each year the Village organizes Halloween events such as The Great Jack O’ Lantern, this event is most wanted by the visitors as the whole Village is surrounded in 7,000 carved Jack O’ Lantern with their sizes ranges from Large to small. This event starts from 28th Sept- 24th November.

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11 Best places to visit Halloween across the united states 2

Following by this event the Village also organizes Horseman’s Hollow event where the whole Village turns into like a horror scene, you will see skeletons hanging everyone and waxed figures of the dead villagers. If you love horror and thrill then you must visit this place to get your souls out of your body to feel most terrified and haunted. These event starts from Oct 5th -7th, 12th-14th, 19th -21st and 25th – 31st these are some important dates to remember if you don’t want to miss these frightening nights then do plan your visit.

11 Best places to visit Halloween across the united states 3

Irving’s Legend is also one of the events which you shouldn’t miss because the legend of sleepy hollow narrates us a story in which how he is trying to win the heart of his love named Katrina Van Tassel in a theme of a horror ghost story. This act is performed in a Church in gothic melody and in dim lights for the great impact on audience.

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11 Best places to visit Halloween across the united states 4

Story Teller

Haunted Hay Ride is yet another welcoming adventure for thrill and pleasure as you will experience to take a long spooky ride on tracks with an intense horror music in the background which will give you goose bumps, in your way you will see scary statues of vampires and skeletons surrounding the whole passage.

11 Best places to visit Halloween across the united states 5

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery is a land of grave where all famous people are buried inside like William Rockefeller, Washington Irving, Andrew Carnegie and Leona Helmsley are all fallen there.

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11 Best places to visit Halloween across the united states 6

Orlando Halloween Events

Orlando is a city in USA, state of Florida and it is a county Seat of Orange County. Orlando is an eye catching city which is known for its theme Parks. Orlando’s is one of those places where you would want to definitely spend your Halloween here as Orlando Halloween Festivals gets started from August to all the way to November. There first Halloween event starts at Universal Orlando Resort. In this month the whole Resort turns into a haunted place, with such dark purple and red lights in the resort you will get chills due to fear that what might you see next can scare you. Events are of “Two Haunted House” is performed at Universal Studios Florida,  you will see many Scare Crows so be careful if you’re afraid of them and Scavenger hunt is yet another interesting event which would take place at Universal Islands of Adventure.

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11 Best places to visit Halloween across the united states 7

Sea World Halloween Spooktacular event starts from 19th September to 1st November. Spooktacular events comes up with Trick O’ Treat Stations all the way in the Park and with special prizes for an exchange of competition. You will see all kids and adults dressed up in various characters. You will see candy stalls everywhere, cookies shaped in spooky faces and inflated mysterious castle for kid’s entertainment.

11 Best places to visit Halloween across the united states 8

Lego land is located in Florida Resort, in the month of Halloween the Lego land will entertain you with an event which is called “Brick or Treat” you will experience to see tall Legos dressed up in scary outfits. The Resort is full of fun for kids as there are swimming pools with water slides and rides just for you. You can take lots of photos here and make amazing memories with your family and loved ones.

11 Best places to visit Halloween across the united states 9


Gaterland is built on 110 acre Land, it is a theme park. The park is surrounded by cemented wild life such as reptiles which presents the culture of Florida like big alligators and greenery everywhere but that’s not it. In the month of Halloween Gatorland welcomes us with a great event called “Gator, Ghosts and Goblin” people dress up as animals such like gorillas, crocodile and alligators. So this event sounds like so much fun for kids and adults especially of how theme part can get so scary at night. So do plan your visit if you want to get spooked.

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11 Best places to visit Halloween across the united states 10

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Puerto Plata | Tourist Attractions for Vacations

Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata is a city in the Dominic Republic’s province of Puerto Plata. The city stands as the capital of the province and ranks as the third largest city of the Dominic Republic. The proper and official name of Puerto Plata is San Felipe de Puerto Plata. The city has a coastline along which the finest beaches of the Dominic republic are present, in fact the shimmering silver tint of the splendid beaches along the coastline of Puerto Plata made this port city popularly known as “Port of Silver”.

Puerto Plata

The beaches of Puerto Plata are a main attraction of the city as they are also said to be some of the most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean. In addition to this the beauty of the city is multiplied by the presence of grand historic buildings and by the beautiful scenic views from the top of Mount Isabel De Torres during the sunset which has a fan base of its own. Puerto Plata has been welcoming all varieties of tourists for years, be it an adventurous tourist or someone who likes to spend most of their time inside their hotel/resort watching stunning sunsets. This is because Puerto Plata provides a lot of outdoor activities to cater to the inquisitive extroverted minds and abundant indoor (or rather in-resort) activities to keep the fairly introverted and reserved people engaged.

Puerto Plata

Best Time to Visit

Puerto Plata has a hot climate throughout the year with temperatures ranging from 66°F to 89°F. It rains all year in Puerto Plata especially in the months of September to November and April and May with an average of about 55 inches of rain year-round. The hotel charges are the minimum during May and June which makes this time the most economical to visit the city. So if you are someone who plans their trips economically then visiting in May and June would be a wise decision.


Puerto Plata

As previously told Puerto Plata is packed with on and off-resort activities. The prime attraction of Puerto Plata is its gorgeous white sanded beaches making it a competitor of the capital of Dominic Republic (Santo Domingo) in the tourism industry of the country. The three most famous beaches of the city are Playa Dorada, Playa Sosua and Cofressi Beach. Playa Dorada is the most famous beach of Puerto Plata also dubbed as the “Golden Beach” which contains the most elegant hotels of Puerto Plata and recent tourists believe that if you haven’t seen Playa Dorada and Playa Sosua then you haven’t been born yet. The beautiful deep blue shallow water of Playa Sosua attracts the travelers towards it in massive numbers. Neighbor to the Ocean World Adventure Park, the Cofressi Beach attracts those tourists who want to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Puerto Plata with privacy as this beach is much calmer compared to Playa Dorada. Known as the world’s largest man-made dolphin habitat, the Ocean World Adventure Park mostly attracts tourists with children or generally the curious minds. The park offers activities such as swimming and animal shows. Watching dolphins dance and coordinate with divers must be an amazing sight. In addition to this Puerto Plata holds great importance in the eyes of people who fancy historic architecture and love to visit such majestic beauties. An example of such beauty is the Fortaleza San Felipe which was built in the 16th century to protect the north coast of invasions and later in the 19th century served as a prison however now it attracts thousands if not millions of tourists who are admirers of the French history. Another example is the Catedral San Felipe which was built in 1956 in accordance to the architecture of a 16th century church which was burnt to ashes in 1863. This cathedral also attracts the people who are enthusiasts of historic architecture. Towards the southwest about 2600 feet high lies another charm of Puerto Plata, Mount Isabel de Tores. The true beauty of this mountain lies in the beautiful sunrise and sunset view from its peak.

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Top Hotels

Among the best hotels of Puerto Plata is the 1. Casa Colonial Beach and Spa. 2. Gran Ventana Beach Resort 3. Iberostar Costa Dorada.

Casa Colonial Beach and Spa is a 5-star hotel with amenities such as free Wi-Fi, free parking, an infinity and outdoor pool, a spa and fitness center and basic necessities such as dry cleaning and laundry service. The rooms of this exquisite first-class hotel consist of features that make the hotel all the more attractive. These features include a private balcony and private beach for the people who are on a getaway vacation and in addition to this they also have world-class room service and housekeeping and a minibar. Since it is located along the Playa Dorada Golf Course the hotel also provides you with a discount on playing golf at this beautiful seaside golf course. This 50-suite resort consists of rooms that vary according to their view (Ocean Front or Garden View)

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Gran Ventana Beach Resort is a 4-star hotel which is also present along the Playa Dorada coastline this resort is packed with all-inclusive activities as it provides a great deal of facilities which encourage on-resort pastimes such as diving, snorkeling, a kid’s club to make the children enjoy their time, fishing, tennis and table tennis. The hotel also comprises of other services for instance meeting rooms for conferences, currency exchange facility, gym, spa and babysitting services. The room amenities are fairly similar however Casa Colonial Beach and Spa has a much more Roman-style bathroom and the interior of the lodging is designed in the shades of white and dark wood compared to Gran Ventana Beach Resort which has a Caribbean-style interior. With all these features it is clear that the room rates are highly reasonable. This resort is massive as it consists of 506 spacious rooms with balconies as well. The three pools of this resort make the experience all the more enjoyable.

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Iberostar Costa Dorada is a 516 room resort located in Playa Dorada. Boasting five bars this resort is not only a main attraction for adults but also the kids for whom a water park and a kid’s club are available to be enjoyed. The resort also has three restaurants which specialize in their specific cuisine (Mexican, Brazilian and Japanese). Like all the other hotels and resorts Iberostar also provides free Wi-Fi and sports paraphernalia such as tennis court and gear plus archery kit and ranges. The rooms of the hotels are quite basic yet comfortable with every room having its own private balcony.

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If you are planning on visiting the Caribbean, then there is no better option than Puerto Plata as it contains the best of all worlds. From having the most stunning beaches of Playa Dorada to the most breathtaking views from Mount Isabel de Tores this city has it all making it a perfect getaway for people who want to step away from city life.

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Best times to Visit Curacao

Best times to Visit Curacao 1

Curacao is an Island situated in Dutch Caribbean. The Curacao has known for its many beaches which is covered in bays and is adjoining with coral reefs with marine life.

The Island is 40 miles away from the Southeast all the way to Northwest at its ends joining with two enclosed Islands in the ABC group named Aruba which is from the West and Bonaire which is to the East.

Best times to Visit Curacao 1

The Curacao Island is formed on the flat surface, Curacao Island is full of colors, you’ll see buildings painted in blue, orange, pink, yellow and so many more in colors that you would not stop admiring the beauty of it.

The best time to visit Curacao Island is in the following months which is from May to November as mostly in these months no one quite visits because of the weather changes so the place would be less crowded for visiting, this can also be a benefit as the tickets for airplanes would be much cheaper than on the peak times of visiting this Island. Hotels would be also charging less prices for booking of rooms this would again come as a benefit to you as you will have to spend less money on your expenditures.

Best times to Visit Curacao 2

No one likes crowded places so in these months, so in these months beaches would not be crowded so you can adore your time while relaxing and enjoying the peaceful environment of the Island. The climate of Curacao Island mostly have a tendency to be warm in climate so there are no chances of having hurricanes or tsunami in winters or summers so you should not worry about this matter but the Island experiences heavy rain falls throughout any season so you will have to experience rainfall throughout your visit.

Best times to Visit Curacao 3

In the month of December to April the winter season is at its highest and the weather would be so cold. This is a prime time for the visitors to come here for spending their vacations in the curacao, causing the hotel bookings and airplanes tickets to be at its top. The hotel would be so crowded and noisy that this can make your stay uncomfortable and would probably cause problem in hotel services as well also the staff would be engaged with so many guests, though there are some attractions in winters that might convince you to come here even though you have to spend high prices.

Best times to Visit Curacao 4

Curacao Island celebrates few of its traditional events such as Carnival which is always celebrated each year starting from early January till the end of February. In carnival you will experience to see the whole Island individuals being dressed up in the most colorful traditional clothes, throwing a big splashy party with lots of competitive games, so if you are planning your visit in these months don’t forget to dress up funky and enjoy the party and don’t forget to about Plain Air Curacao which is a consecutive 10 days of festival in March here you will experience to see local and international artists painting around the island. So if you want to visit the island make sure you bring everything that can be needed to attend such festivals and parties.

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum 1

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum is located in Tucson, Arizona. The Museum is one of the greatest attraction for the tourists in Tucson. As mostly tourists search for adventurous places to visit and this place is best suitable for them to enjoy their time exploring new things.

The Museum is built on 98 acre land. The Museum also serves a great part of Zoo and historical art gallery which one cannot miss to admire the stunning art work done by the great artists.

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum 1

Here you will come across with wild life. You will experience to see different kinds of animal species such as Gila lizard, Prairie Dog, coyote, horned toad, jaguar, big horned sheep and so many other hidden animals which you will experience in your passage.

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum 2

Arizona Desert is open seven days a week, timings keeps on changing in summers and winters but this is something not to worry about you can always check it online. Museum’s opening timings are from 7:30am – 5:00 pm or it can be open late till 10:00pm. The entry for the Arizona Museum is $21.95 for young adults, middle age or old people and $8.95 for kids aged in between 3-12 years. The Arizona Desert Museum offers free entrance for kids of age 2 or under 2 years.

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum 3

Arizona Desert is always offering some types of discounts for the visitors, don’t slip your opportunity and grab it from Arizona Residents, seniors and from military.

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum 4

The enormous desert is planted with different classes of plants like tall wide Cactus, Ocotillo plants and small shrubs. The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum has several trails each reaching to the desert area. The surface of desert is surrounded by sand rocks and some big rocks along the way creating some hazards for the visitors, so wear suitable clothes and shoes for a comfy journey. This place is best for visiting as you’ll have a lot to explore on your side and you never know what you can learn more.