Sheraton Hotel Shanghai

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The Sheraton hotel brand was established in 1937 by cofounders Ernest Henderson and Robert Moore. Both of them laid the foundations of the brand by buying their first hotel in Springfield, Massachusetts.

The brand is now (since 2016) managed by Marriott International and currently has over 440 hotels and resorts worldwide in locations such as North America, Central and South America Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East and the Caribbean. The brand is planning further expansion with over 80 hotels underway.

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Over the years Sheraton Hotels has become a trusted and reliable name for travelers, be it a business tour or a recreational visit, guests can always rely on the quality services provided by the brand everywhere they go.

Shanghai Branches

As stated on the Sheraton extension of the official website of Marriott the brand operates 6 hotels and resorts in Shanghai. Four of these hotels are considered the best in Shanghai namely 1. Sheraton Grand Shanghai Pudong Hotel and Residencies, 2. Sheraton Shanghai Hongkou Hotel, 3. Four Points by Sheraton Shanghai, Daning, 4. Four Points by Sheraton Shanghai, Pudong.

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Sheraton Grand Shanghai Pudong Hotel and Residencies

Situated on the No.38 Pujian Road in Shanghai this hotel is a 4.5-star hotel with two restaurants. The attractive features of the hotel include an indoor swimming pool, A full time fitness center and spa. The hotel also has a smoke free policy making sure that the public areas remain smoke free and healthy for everyone. Another salient feature of the hotel is that they provide free of cost internet services which is a great perk for people who usually visit Shanghai on business tours and prefer to remain connected and au fait of their business. Free internet services are a common feature of all the Sheraton hotels making the brand’s name widely trusted by businessmen and entrepreneurs. The rates of the rooms in Sheraton Grand Shanghai Pudong Hotel range from $139-$206 and higher.

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Sheraton Shanghai Hongkou Hotel

Situated on the No.59 Si Ping Road in Shanghai this hotel is also a 4.5-star hotel having three restaurants. The Wi-Fi is complimentary here just like in every other Sheraton hotel. Within the premises of the hotel you will also be provided with a sauna, a coffee shop, bar, indoor swimming pool and a fitness club. The Hotel consists of three types of rooms the deluxe, the executive and the premium. The accommodation charges of rooms in the Sheraton Shanghai Hongkou Hotel range from $114 to $358 and higher.

Sheraton Hotel Shanghai 4

Four Points by Sheraton Shanghai, Daning

Located on 1928 Gong He Xin Road in Shanghai this hotel is a 4-star hotel with one restaurant. Free Wi-Fi which is a standard at every Sheraton Hotel is present here as well. The indoor sauna, fitness club and pool is also onsite. This hotel consists of five kinds of lodgings. 1. Comfort Room, 2. Deluxe Room, 3. Superior Room, 4. Junior Suite, 5. Deluxe Suite. The charges of accommodation range from $91-$244 and higher.

Four Points by Sheraton Shanghai, Pudong

Located on No.2111 Pudong Nan Road in Shanghai this hotel is a 4-star hotel with two restaurants. Having the same luxurious amenities as the other Sheraton hotels this hotel also lives up to its name with free Wi-Fi and a lot of on-site services such as sauna, fitness club, 24-hour room service etc.

The climate of Shanghai consists of hot and humid summers (June to August) and cold winters (December to April) hence making autumn (September to November) and spring (March to May) the best times to visit the city and that is why tourists visit the city the most during this time so booking in advance will be a wise decision. A good thing about the hotel is the standardization of their smoke-free policy which stands at every Sheraton Hotel. The prices quoted in the article are just to provide you an idea for further information regarding pricing you may visit the official website of Marriott Hotel.

Sequoia National Park Travel Guide

Sequoia National Park Travel Guide 1

Sequoia National Park is located in California’s Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains. The Park was built in 1890.This Park is known for its elevated trees, surrounding the whole forest with its scenic beauty.

There are underground Crystal Cave structures and the grounds are enclosed by the rocks There are hidden granites in the many folds in the surface of the forest.

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If you love nature and you are an adventurous person than Sequoia National Park is the best place for you to visit. There is no better place than this to camp in the woods along with yours friends, you can also go for a as there are several trails each leading to a magnificent area bordered with plantation, especially in September-October as the weather becomes really pleasant, in the morning making your hike calmer. The nights are comparatively colder in October but you can always burn some of the woods and your stay comfortable.

Sequoia National Park Travel Guide 1

Since the forest is home to many wild animals it is normal to come across some of them on your tour so it is nothing to panic about. Before starting your journey make sure you talk to the park officials regarding the procedures in case of an encounter with a wild life.

While hiking you will come across the beautiful wonders of this place. You can capture amazing photos of yourself and can create a remarkable memory which you can hold on to for life.

You can also travel by road in your vehicles. At the top of the mountains you will witness the true beauty of Mother Nature with massive mountains surrounded by plantation projecting out of the earth.

If you want to get the sight of the forest then come here early in the morning by the time when the sun is rising that’s when you’ll grasp the breathtaking view of the park, when the sun rays would be flashing on top of the tress thus creating a glorious sight for all of us.

The park is full of wonders and here are many places in National Sequoia Park to visit one of them are Giant Forest Museum, the staff of the Museum accommodates visitors, giving them a brief speech on history of mankind, so this is the best park to visit because it has all what a tourist dreams of.

Best times to visit San Diego

Best times to visit San Diego

San Diego is well recognized for its beaches, warm weather and parks. San Diego is a stunning city situated on the Pacific Ocean. It is a city in California, United States.

It is around 180 km South East of Downtown in Los Angeles and is joined with the border of Mexico. San Diego’s population is around 1.426 million on an area of 964.5 km2. San Diego is the largest city of United States and it the second largest in California.

Best times to visit San Diego

San Diego experiences marine layer clouds most frequently in between May and August as the weather in these months are cooler than in other months. The morning in these months are quite foggy and the fog stays up till early in the evening.

The temperature in San Diego starts to rise when the hot and dry winds come from Inland desert blows in the direction of the San Diego in the month of October thus creating an exotic month, its highest climate has been recorded at 107 °F   and in September the highest was recorded at 111 °F, on 26th of 1963.The lowest temperature which was ever recorded was in 25 °F on January 7th of 1913.

The cooler months of San Diego are in December through March although it is not that cool when it comes in a comparison of other parts of the United States, West Coast. Mostly in summers, the time is past with San Diego having really less rainfall.

Here you can find really decent deals on travel rates during the low spells of the weather in comparison with the high summer times. As the Tourists who live in north of the United States would love to come here for beaches, rides in the park and for the great food they don’t get the opportunity in the north of the United States as it is mostly cold, both in summers and in winters.

The rates in summers for the tourists are high as it is overly crowded, it is a peak time for travelling around San Diego and the hotels here are also overly booked. So if you want to visit the beautiful places of San Diego such as “SeaWorld “ in San Diego which  is one of the biggest attraction for the tourists, USS Midway Museum which is located in downtown San Diego, is a historical Aircraft Museum. Which has some antique collection of aircraft which were mostly made in Southern California, San Diego Zoo Safari Park is the most favorite place for the adventurous tourists who loves to get in contact with the wild life of the Safari Park Zoo.

So if you’re looking forward to visit all the amazing places of San Diego then the best to time to visit here would be in between March following in May following in September and November. In these months the weather here is pleasant and it is the finest time to visit this place. But you can also visit in summers if you love beaches and you want to tan your skin then visiting in summers is not such a bad idea which can be ideally in (May-September).

World Golf Village Renaissance Resort

World Golf Village Renaissance Resort

If you are a golf enthusiast and have always wanted to visit a championship golf course, then visiting the World Golf Village Renaissance Resort is perhaps the best option out there. Located in St. Augustine which is a city located towards the northeast of Florida this resort is renowned for its championship golf courses. This resort belongs to the Renaissance Resort brand and is supervised and run by Marriott.

Golf Courses

World Golf Village Renaissance Resort

This resort accommodates two championship golf courses which are very special to the world of golf each of them being designed by the most legendary golfers in the history of the sport. The names of the golf courses are;1. King and Bear Golf Course, this golf course was co-designed by one of the most recognized and celebrated golfers of all time Arnold Palmer who is said to be one of the most phenomenal golfers of all time and was also dubbed as “The King” the other co-designer of this golf course was Jack Nicklaus whose name is also among the most eminent golfers and is also considered as one of the finest golfers of his time and hence was nicknamed “The Golden Bear”. The golf course was named after them and so it was named The King and Bear Golf Course. Opened in November 2000 it is an 18-hole course which stretches to about 7279 yards from the longest tee, it comprises of multiple lakes which further adds to its beauty making it a stunning and one of its kind golf course. 2. Slammer and Squire Golf Course, Unlike the Kings and Bear this golf course was designed by Bobby Weed who is a professional golf course designer however he also collaborated with two of the top golf players which were also considered the best at the game Sam Snead and Gene Sarazen. Sam Snead had ruled over the world of golf for about four decades and even Jack Nicklaus admitted that Sam’s swing was “so perfect”. Sam was given the name “The Slammer” as he was admired by many for his perfect swing which made jaws drop. Gene Sarazen on the other hand was the best player of the 1920’s and 1930’s. With a rather motivational story he was nicknamed “The Squire” and in 2000 Golf Digest magazine named him as the 11th greatest golfer of all time. Since both of these golfers co-designed this course the golf course was named Slammer and Squire Golf Course. This 18-hole golf course is stretched over 6939 yards and was opened for the general public in May 1998.

Lodging and Facilities

The resort consists of a total of 9 floors having 271 rooms and 30 suites. This resort also has a pet policy so if you own some cuddly little partners you can bring them along with you however it will not be free of cost and you will have to pay a non-refundable fee. If you plan on bringing children with you then the next good news is for you as the resort also has a smoke-free policy. You can also enjoy internet service for which the resort charges around $10. From buffet breakfasts and spas to onsite laundry and game rooms this resort has a lot to offer. The resort also provides you with a shuttle service so that you can visit and tour the city’s main attractions. The rooms come with the general facilities of air conditioning, a coffee maker, mini fridge, bathroom amenities, cable and a wet bar. Further information has also been provided on the official website of Marriott you can learn more about the facilities and rates on their website however the charges start from $101 per night.

Local activities and attractions

Since St. Augustine has access to the Atlantic Ocean, it is a no-brainer to visit the St. Augustine Beach which is around 23.2 mi away from the resort making it a 34 minutes’ drive. It is a good place to take a break from the city life and just relax in the white sands of the St. Augustine Beach. If you like to see exotic animals, you have an incredible chance to visit the St. Augustine Wildlife Reserve which is about 5.2mi away from the resort which makes it a 12 minutes’ drive. At the reserve you can observe various species of big cats, you will be given a tour while the cats munch on their favorite meat making the trip all the more interesting. The trip is ended with a chance to howl with the wolves of the reserve making memories for years to come. You can also take a cruise boat which has had a positive response from many tourists who have toured the city. It is a scenic boat cruise presenting to you the famous night lights of St. Augustine city for 1 hour. The cruise departs from St. Augustine Municipal Marina and after the one-hour duration returns to the departure point to drop the tourists off.

Visiting the World Golf Village Renaissance resort is every golfer’s desire. Playing at the golf courses designed by players named in the World Golf Hall of Fame is a memory one can hold on to for life. The beauty of these courses make the trip even more memorable. If you want to get a “perfect swing” like Sam Snead or want to be named among the legends like “The King” it is essential to polish your skills in a course which has been made by the best golfers this world has ever seen. The perfect time to visit St. Augustine is between March and May as fewer people visit the city during this time which reduces the hotel and various other charges making your trip economical. So what are you waiting for pack your carry bags with your woods, irons and putter as the legendary 18-hole golf courses await you.

Best time to Visit Whistler

Best time to Visit Whistler

Whistler is a Resort Town in the Southern Pacific ranges of the Coast of mountains in the province of British Colombia, Canada. It is nearly 125 km near to North of Vancouver and it is 36 km to the South of the town of Pemberton.

Best times to Visit Whistler

Tourists are always cautious about the weather in certain time of the season so here are some of the information that would be sufficient for you to plan your visit. Here are some of the reasons on which why each of the best time to visit whistler has its own unique reason.

The best months time to visit Whistler are from June to August since it would be summer and by your surprise the snow would be still layered heavenly on the mountains maintaining the best scenic beauty for all of us but the temperature won’t be that chilly but would still have cold breeze as compared to winters so this can benefit you who doesn’t like much cold weather can visit in this time, also in between December to March, the mountains would be packed in snow so the weather would be awfully cold so do wear warm jackets, warm boots and caps so that you can enjoy your time here. So for the people who love skiing this is the best option at this time to enjoy in massive mountains walled in snow.

If we talk about visiting in June to July then Blackcomb Mountains reopen for Glacier skiing. You can also do camping in Whistler as this would be one to remember for life time that you had such an experience in Glaciers. You can burn some of the woods at night to make your stay warm and comfortable and if you’ve bought some raw meat you can always cook on the fire and enjoy your delicious food.

In the months of Autumn starting from September to October till November you will start to notice that all the green leaves would be turning into orange rusty color and would be falling off from the trees to the ground this would be a great time to shoot your photography in such charming places and make your visit as beautiful as possible.

In spring months such as April till May the temperature is modest to visit as one can get out of their comfort zone and can enjoy the outdoor activities such like exploring in the mountain ranges, enjoying the pleasant weather, watching the beautiful clear sky. You can also do hiking in the mountain trails and you can admire the exquisiteness of the Whistler and much more.

Whistler also does events in various month like in November – December you can experience to join Whistler Film Festival, in December – April you can watch Fire and Ice Show, in January you can join Whistler Pride and Ski Festival and in March Telus Winter Classic.

So do plan your visit for this wondrous place and explore the greatness of the Whistler.