Carl Icahn is expanding his animal-welfare campaign to Kroger, after targeting McDonald’s


After targeting McDonald’s for his animal-welfare campaign, Carl Icahn is now extending it to Kroger, the largest supermarket chain in the United States of America.

It was stated in the Tuesday release, that Carl Icahn nominated two candidates to Kroger’s Board as a part of this campaign.

Kroger stated, that while hearing from Ichan on Friday, he showed his concern regarding animal welfare and the use of incubation crates in pork production.

Letter From Carl Icahn

In a letter to Kroger CEO Rodney McMullen, Icahn also targeted what he called the “egregious wage gaps” among McMullen and different employees at the company.

“The wage gap between the CEO and median worker at Kroger is unconscionable,” Icahn wrote in the letter. “Our competitors will take our interests about unfortunate creatures enduring this suffering and also these wages gaps (and other administration issues) at Kroger truly and add legitimate oversight.”

Kroger’s announcement Tuesday comes somewhat more than a month after Icahn sent off a proxy fight with McDonald’s centered around the treatment of pigs. In a meeting last Tuesday, Icahn addressed his involvement with the fast-food giant.

“I’m not doing that to bring in money,” Icahn told CNBC’s Scott Wapner on “Closing Bell: Overtime.”

All things considered, Icahn expressed his efforts as a reaction to his sentiments on basic animal rights. “Emotionally, when you read about what they do to these animals, the unnecessary torture and cruelty, it really bothers me. Whenever I can do something about it, I try,” Icahn said.

Kroger said it will audit Icahn’s proposed board chosen people, Alexis C. Fox and Margarita Palau-Hernandez, as a part of its standard administration policy. The company additionally addressed Icahn’s issues with animal treatment.

“While Kroger is not directly involved in raising or the processing of any animals, we are committed to helping protect the welfare of animals in our supply chain,” the official statement said. “Kroger has an established Responsible Sourcing Framework to clearly define our policies, requirements, and practices, including our Animal Welfare Policy, which articulates our expectation that all suppliers will have transitioned away from gestation crates by 2025.”

McDonald’s has also shielded its animal rights policies in regard to Icahn’s campaign. The company said last month that by year-end, it expects somewhere in the range of 85% and 90% of its U.S. pork volumes will be obtained from sows that don’t live in growth containers during their pregnancy. McDonald’s said it anticipates that that rate should increase to 100% percent before the end of 2024.

Icahn’s stake in Kroger is little, similar to his situation in McDonald’s. Icahn told Kroger he owns 100 shares of the company, as indicated by an individual acquainted with the matter. The grocery chain has around 746.8 million completely weakened shares outstanding, as indicated by FactSet.

Kroger shares close down 1% Tuesday at $56.39. The stock has acquired around 25% year to date, carrying its fairly estimated worth to $41.46 billion.

In his letter to McMullen, Icahn said his objective was not to benefit from this campaign, but rather to have an effect on the “glaring unfairness” at Kroger. Icahn condemned the organization’s board for what he called an absence of oversight on store network arrangements and wages. McMullen is a seat of the board, as well as filling in as CEO starting around 2014.

Icahn, explicitly impacted McMullen’s pay expansion in 2020, while taking note of the company eliminated a $2 per hour raise for store and storehouse laborers it presented for a couple of months during the beginning of the Covid pandemic.

“What has happened at Kroger with the issues of animal welfare and employee wages is an affront to the basic fibers of our society — that of decency and dignity,” Icahn wrote. “Your Board of Directors has created an unnecessary situation, placing your company at risk, by rubber-stamping unethical policies as well as breaking promises they made to frontline workers during the pandemic”

Kroger guarded its representative compensation record. A representative told CNBC the grocer has “been investing more than ever in compensation,” both preceding the Covid pandemic and during it.

“Kroger put a gradual $1.2 billion in associate wages and training throughout the most recent four years,” the representative said. “This has expanded our national average hourly rate of pay from $13.66 to almost $17, showing an increment of more than $3 each hour, or a 25% expansion. Whenever benefits like medical care and pensions are calculated, our normal hourly rate is currently more than $22.”


So that is all about the animal welfare campaign started by Carl Icahn, which is targeting Kroger after McDonald’s. If want to share your take on the situation, then make sure to enter your opinions in the comment section of the website below.

Google Doodle Celebrates Women’s Firsts On International Women’s Day

Google recorded a special doodle video on International Women’s Day on Sunday, highlighting the developments of many women in world history.

The doodles video shows the trailblazing women who are challenging the status quo and paving the way for education, civil rights, science, the arts, etc.

Doodle honors women by depicting the hands that have opened doors for generations. Read the comments in the graffiti section on

The article on states, “While some have made known new achievements, others have gained long-term recognition.”

Graffiti identifies women from all walks of life – senators, academics and entrepreneurs – who have overcome time barriers to create lasting legacies.

International Women’s Day was celebrated for the first time in 1911. This event is celebrated all over the world to recognize women’s achievements, raise awareness of women’s equality.

This day marks the recognition of women’s social, economic, cultural and political achievements. Organizations including universities and institutions around the world also celebrate International Women’s Day by organizing public lectures on topics, concepts, debates, game shows, conferences, gatherings, exhibitions, workshops and seminars.

KFC launches chicken-free chicken burger

KFC Malaysia launched its Zero Chicken burger, a meat-free vegan burger flavored with Colonel’s Secret 11 herbs and spices recipe, but without chicken.

KFC launches chicken-free chicken burger 1

According to the fast food chain, this is a limited supply, “… to meet the growing Malaysian demand for new items and new options in their favorite foods.” The lean chicken burger is an alternative meat brand. A certified halal meat-free burger made in collaboration with Quorn. According to KFC Malaysia, the burger is high in protein, fiber, low in saturated fat and contains no cholesterol.

This meat-free burger is topped with 11 recipes of Kentucky Fried Chicken’s secret herbs and spices, then baked and topped with thin slices of cheese and lettuce, and topped with spicy barbecue sauce and mayonnaise, and on top of toasted sesame bread. However, the company stated that the burgers are neither vegan nor vegetarian because “the burgers are cooked fresh and share the same kitchen equipment as other KFC products.”

“In recent years, meat-free protein alternatives have become increasingly popular, and more and more people have been looking for alternative protein sources. This has led to the concept of ‘Zero Chicken’ – a chicken burger-free KFC is impeccable and satisfying. , Managing Director and Deputy Managing Director, Marketing Department, Kentucky, Malaysia.

McDonald’s will introduce plant-based burgers and fast food

McDonald's will introduce plant-based burgers and fast food

McDonald’s is all set to launch a new line of plant-based burgers next year which would be called McPlant, right now it is in trial stages.

During a media talk spokesperson from the fast-food giant said that they are looking forward to launching a plant-based burger next year to cater to the market for meatless alternatives.

President of Mcdonalds, Ian Borden said that the company has been a fabulous plant-based burger in their menus which would be available next year throughout the country. He also added that this plant-based burger is the first burger to be introduced on the menu. He also added that the range of plant-based burgers would include a chicken sandwich and breakfast sandwich.

He added that Mcdonald’s will also continue to promote its existing meat-based burgers as due to the Coronavirus their demand for these items has increased and Mcdonald’s is committed to promoting its meat-based burgers.

The CEO of Mcdonalds Kempczinski emphasized that they would not go into the global launch right now, he insisted that the market will decide the trends of the market if it is a success they will launch it globally. He also added that the pace for the launch of McPlant burger would be decided by the consumer demand.

The fast-food giant Mcdonald’s is a latecomer in this plant-based burger industry whereas its rival like KFC, Burger King already has launched the plant-based meat alternative lines.

He further added that McDonald’s is committed to providing its customers with the best of food and looking to make this burger a success in the market in the upcoming year when the plant-based burger would be launched.

By not mentioning the partner who helped them to produce those plant-based patties, it caused the share price of Beyond meat to fall by 8 percent, which has been working with Mcdonalds on trial in Canada.

However, the share price again became stable after McDonald’s announced that they will be working along with Beyond meat to create that plant-based burger, which will be available in the market next year.

Pizza hut also announced that they will be working with beyond meat to produce plant-based pizzas in the United Kingdom.

The range will be available for a limited time in five locations in Luton, Liverpool, and London. This happened after Pizza hut US collaborated with Beyond meat in the US, now the same trend is following in the United Kingdom.

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McDonald’s fans left fuming over ’embarrassing’ new burger on Christmas menu

McDonald’s fans left fuming over ’embarrassing’ new burger on Christmas menu

Mcdonalds have launched their Christmas menus which includes Mcflurry and Jamaican jerk chicken sandwich earlier this week.

The menu item which captured the most attention of the public is Big Mac which is made up of four patties, a slice of cheese, onions, lettuce, pickles, and Big Mac sauce in a bun.

Big Mac is the biggest burger which McDonald’s has ever sold and for the first time, it is available in UK markets.

Many of the fans were very much excited and drove down to McDonald’s in their nearest locality to enjoy that fabulous burger.

It is not that much famous as many of the people on social media criticized the burger.

On Twitter, the company shared a phone of its burger where a person commented,” embarrassing”.

They also complain that the burger lacks cheese and sauce which makes it dry as hell.

One person commented that the slice of cheese is not enough for him.

Another person said that there is not enough sauce and cheese on the burger which makes it very dry.

An upset customer posted that he was very much disappointed by the Mcdonalds Big Mac burger he also added that I was just a Big Mac in double Big Mac boxing.

Not everyone was disappointed by the burger as one customer said that the burger was amazing.

A second person said that McDonald’s can easily add the sauce to it and make it more tasty and juicy as it would not cost any extra buck to the fast-food giant.

One of the customers ordered the burger with the instructions to use more sauce and cheese in the burger and found it amazing.

The fast-giant offers the Double Big Mac burger at the price of 4.19 and if you go with the meal it would cost you 5.69, what an amazing offer it is.

A spokesperson while talking with the media has said that their new Double Big Mac burger is very famous among its consumers and they launched it on festive days and they are very much delighted from the response they received from the general public.

As with any menu item customers can choose to add sauce and an extra slice of cheese when they are ordering their meals. But the majority of the people gave positive feedback about the burger which made the McDonalds management confident about the decisions they make regarding the launching of any of its products.

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