McDonald’s will introduce plant-based burgers and fast food

McDonald's will introduce plant-based burgers and fast food

McDonald’s is all set to launch a new line of plant-based burgers next year which would be called McPlant, right now it is in trial stages.

During a media talk spokesperson from the fast-food giant said that they are looking forward to launching a plant-based burger next year to cater to the market for meatless alternatives.

President of Mcdonalds, Ian Borden said that the company has been a fabulous plant-based burger in their menus which would be available next year throughout the country. He also added that this plant-based burger is the first burger to be introduced on the menu. He also added that the range of plant-based burgers would include a chicken sandwich and breakfast sandwich.

He added that Mcdonald’s will also continue to promote its existing meat-based burgers as due to the Coronavirus their demand for these items has increased and Mcdonald’s is committed to promoting its meat-based burgers.

The CEO of Mcdonalds Kempczinski emphasized that they would not go into the global launch right now, he insisted that the market will decide the trends of the market if it is a success they will launch it globally. He also added that the pace for the launch of McPlant burger would be decided by the consumer demand.

The fast-food giant Mcdonald’s is a latecomer in this plant-based burger industry whereas its rival like KFC, Burger King already has launched the plant-based meat alternative lines.

He further added that McDonald’s is committed to providing its customers with the best of food and looking to make this burger a success in the market in the upcoming year when the plant-based burger would be launched.

By not mentioning the partner who helped them to produce those plant-based patties, it caused the share price of Beyond meat to fall by 8 percent, which has been working with Mcdonalds on trial in Canada.

However, the share price again became stable after McDonald’s announced that they will be working along with Beyond meat to create that plant-based burger, which will be available in the market next year.

Pizza hut also announced that they will be working with beyond meat to produce plant-based pizzas in the United Kingdom.

The range will be available for a limited time in five locations in Luton, Liverpool, and London. This happened after Pizza hut US collaborated with Beyond meat in the US, now the same trend is following in the United Kingdom.

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McDonald’s fans left fuming over ’embarrassing’ new burger on Christmas menu

McDonald’s fans left fuming over ’embarrassing’ new burger on Christmas menu

Mcdonalds have launched their Christmas menus which includes Mcflurry and Jamaican jerk chicken sandwich earlier this week.

The menu item which captured the most attention of the public is Big Mac which is made up of four patties, a slice of cheese, onions, lettuce, pickles, and Big Mac sauce in a bun.

Big Mac is the biggest burger which McDonald’s has ever sold and for the first time, it is available in UK markets.

Many of the fans were very much excited and drove down to McDonald’s in their nearest locality to enjoy that fabulous burger.

It is not that much famous as many of the people on social media criticized the burger.

On Twitter, the company shared a phone of its burger where a person commented,” embarrassing”.

They also complain that the burger lacks cheese and sauce which makes it dry as hell.

One person commented that the slice of cheese is not enough for him.

Another person said that there is not enough sauce and cheese on the burger which makes it very dry.

An upset customer posted that he was very much disappointed by the Mcdonalds Big Mac burger he also added that I was just a Big Mac in double Big Mac boxing.

Not everyone was disappointed by the burger as one customer said that the burger was amazing.

A second person said that McDonald’s can easily add the sauce to it and make it more tasty and juicy as it would not cost any extra buck to the fast-food giant.

One of the customers ordered the burger with the instructions to use more sauce and cheese in the burger and found it amazing.

The fast-giant offers the Double Big Mac burger at the price of 4.19 and if you go with the meal it would cost you 5.69, what an amazing offer it is.

A spokesperson while talking with the media has said that their new Double Big Mac burger is very famous among its consumers and they launched it on festive days and they are very much delighted from the response they received from the general public.

As with any menu item customers can choose to add sauce and an extra slice of cheese when they are ordering their meals. But the majority of the people gave positive feedback about the burger which made the McDonalds management confident about the decisions they make regarding the launching of any of its products.

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McDonald’s welcomes all forms of rides in its Ride-Thru

McDonald's welcomes all forms of rides in its Ride-Thru

People use different means of transport to get to their destination safely. Whether it’s a skateboard, bike, motorcycle, or a car, this year proved to be the year where everyone has their transport to move around the city.

As every person has a different ride and different lifestyle but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have the cravings for the food. So a leading fast-food chain is committed to providing food to all kinds of people living. 

There has been a noticeable increase in In-home dining, that why due to Covid-19 the drives thru of the franchises have gathered more attention during that period than ever before. Mcdonalds is allowing its customers who use motorcycles to order their food from the drive-thru, now which is called McDonald’s Ride-thru.

There was a perception that the fast-food giant only allows the cars to order from the drive-thru, but in fact, it is opened for all the sort of ride, not just four-wheelers. From drive-thru to ride thru, McDonald’s is giving a clear message that all the wheelers are welcomed and entertained at their restaurants.

To stand by its commitment to accessibility and inclusivity Mcdonalds has implemented several changes to its stores.

By celebrating the national drive-thru day on 24 July, McDonald’s offered free apple pies to their customers who rode bikes. The fast-food giant is improving both of their infrastructure and operations to fulfill the needs of every rider at their restaurants and they will make sure that the rider feels welcomed while they visit the restaurant Ride thru. They also made sure that there is parking for bikes. There is no mention of any exclusive deals for the people accessing the McDonalds app.

Another welcome treat for the riders who visit the restaurant is that they will be given medium fries for every la carte order made at McDonald’s. Timing for that offer from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. every Saturday of this November.

Mcdonalds is committed to spreading the word about their Ride-thru are in the market for bike lovers and McDonald’s would love to share their own feel-good stories.

People have already shared their stories about Ride thru, which proves that the brand doesn’t discriminate whichever means of transport you are using, all sorts of wheels are welcomed at the restaurants.

  In the current scenario, while staying safe, everybody is restricted to their homes but that doesn’t mean that people cannot enjoy life and good food so the restaurants are making efforts to make sure great service and food are served to its customers.

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Sephora Announces ‘’Sephorathon’’ – a monthlong savings event

Sephora Announces ‘’Sephorathon’’ – a monthlong savings event

If Sephora’s Black Friday Deals had you excited, you’re going to love hearing about Sephorathon, a monthlong savings event by the cosmetic giant that will enable its members to purchase many items available at Sephora on sale for one whole month – December. Yes, you heard that right! The huge sale event will kick off on December 3rd, 2020, and will end on January 1st, 2020. However, you will only have access to Sephorathon is if you’re a Beauty Insider at Sephora. 

Dollar Savings Offer – December 3rd to December 9th:

At the start of Sephorathon, Sephora Rouge members will be able to get $25 off on a purchase of $75. VIB members will be able to get $20 off on a purchase of $25 and if you’re an Insider, you will receive a discount of $15 on a purchase of $75. To receive these discounts, all you need to do is use the code 2020SAVE in-store or online at Sephora’s official website,

Point Multiplier Event – December 10th to December 16th:

This event is all about multiplying your points. At checkout, members will be able to use their points at Sephora for special offers or get discounts on their purchases. From December 10th to December 16th, every single dollar you spend at Sephora will earn you many points. If you’re an insider, you will earn double points per dollar. A VIBS member will earn three times the points and if you’re a Rouge member, you can multiply your points four times per dollar. 

Super Saturday – December 19th:

Super Saturday will enable Beauty Insider members to win a Sephora eGift card of either $10 or $100. One winner per store and one winner online will win a $100 eGift card and 100 members per store and 100 members online will win a $10 eGift card by playing a scratch-off game. 

You can play the game in-store or online through a microsite you will be redirected to. If you’re not a Sephora member already, this is your cue to sign up ASAP!

Sale on Sale – December 20th to January 1st:

The last event of the Sephorathon will enable Beauty Insiders to get an additional 20% off on all items on sale. VIB and Rouge members can get access to these deals from December 20th. However, if you’re a Beauty Insider, you’ll be joining in a little late on December 26th.

Are you as excited for Sephorathon as we are? If yes, don’t forget to stay tuned to find out our favorite items on sale and discounted deals at Sephora! 

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Lancome’s Black Friday Sale has just made our day (0r year)

Lancome’s Black Friday Sale has just made our day (0r year)

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact Lancome is one of the top beauty and cosmetics brands out there, and you can now get your favorite items from the beauty/cosmetic giant for 25% off. Yes, that is correct! Every product from Lancome will be sold on a 25$ discount as it has just announced its Friends and Family Sale, you don’t need to worry about not having promo codes or a minimum amount needed for a purchase.

Now, if you’re wondering about what to get: Lancome has a huge variety of products starting from makeup, beauty items to fragrances. You can either purchase these items to gift a loved one for the holiday season or if you like them too much, keep some for yourself.

If you’re wondering what to get from the huge variety of items, worry not because we’ve combined a list of our favorite fragrances, beauty, and makeup items by Lancome below.

New Travel Size Lash Wardrobe Set

This set has 4 travel-sized mascaras which include Cils Booster XL, Definicils Mascara in 01 Black, Hypnose Mascara in 01 Excessive Black, Monsieur Big Mascara in 01 Big is the New Black. Purchase this set for $25.50 online on Lancome’s website.

L’absolu Rouge Lip Set

This gorgeous set was made to give you the perfect pout! It includes L’ABSOLU ROUGE
Hydrating Lipstick 112 Mars (cream), 326 Coquette (cream), 355 Champagne (cream), 391 Exotic Orchidee (cream). Purchase the set for $71.25 online on Lancome’s website.


This Limited-Edition skincare set includes everything you need to look after your skin this winter. It includes RENERGIE LIFT MULTI-ACTION Sunscreen SPF 15 Lifting and Firming Cream, RENERGIE LIFT MULTI-ACTION Night Lifting and Firming Night Cream, RENERGIE LIFT MULTI-ACTION Lifting and Firming Eye Cream, and Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Serum. You can purchase this set on Lancom’s website for $45.

Bienfat Multi-Vital Duo

This duo includes:

  • Bienfait Multi-Vital Day Cream contains SPF 30 and will give your skin the 24-hour moisturization it needs. It is also enriched with antioxidants and vitamins.
  • Bienfait Multi-Vital Night Cream that will provide moisture to your skin all night while you catch up on your beauty sleep.

This set can be purchased for $56.25 on Lancome’s website.

Holiday Beauty Box 10 Full-Size favorites

This beauty box is the perfect gift you can gift a beauty lover this season! It contains 25 Beauty Essentials includes Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate, Advanced Génifique Yeux Youth Activating Smoothing Eye Cream, Advanced Génifique Yeux Light Pearl Eye & Lash Concentrate,
Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover, Cils Booster Xl Super-Enhancing Mascara Base,
Définicils High Definition Mascara 01 Black, 2 Color Design Sensational Effects Lipcolors in 181 Red Stiletto and 126 Natural Beauty, Eye & Cheek Palette – 12 Shadows, 2 Blushes, 1 Highlighter, 1 Bronzer, Dual-Ended Shadow & Blush Brush.

You can purchase this for $75.50 on Lancom’s website. (A $555 Value)


This set includes FULL-SIZE IDÔLE Le Parfum and IDÔLE Le Parfum. You can purchase this for $44.25 on Lancome’s official website.

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