Checking Driving Record For Free- All Steps Explained


It is unfortunate that there are only a few ways to get a comprehensive free driving record report. But you can get the reports with different types of information regarding driving history for free or cheap. The report you have selected will depend on the type of information you need to get along with the amount you are willing to spend and the purpose of your inquiry.


Here’s how you can check driving records for free:

By Visiting Your Local DMV

If your local Department of Motor Vehicles is offering free reports, then you should go there first. The report you will get will be an official government record and it will be accurate. The office where driver’s license services are offered, there you can print out a copy of your official driving record.

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Note that if you are paying a fine for a citation, then DMV will provide you a report along with the payment receipt. Remember that some offices will print your report for free on your request. Some offices might charge you for the report and the cost will be different depending on the state and country. However, the fee is usually less and it will be depending on how many years of history you are going to request.

You can call your local office to know about the policies. Generally, getting one of these reports is the best thing to do. The best thing here is that you will be assured that the information is accurate and the cost is very minimal.

Connect With Car Insurance Carrier

You can also ask your car insurance carrier for providing you a copy of a free driving record. Once you sign up for a policy, the company gets the report of your driving history for determining the rate to charge you accordingly. Note that the company has to pay for this report, so they might not share it with. But some companies will share it.

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Moreover, if you have access to the online services with your carrier, then you need to log in and conduct a search on site to find the record. You can get it there. If you are not able to get it, then call the company and inquire.

Ask for CLUE Report

According to the recent amendment to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, a person has the right to get free information about the insurance claims that include personal property claims and auto claims. You can also get this report online at the LexisNexis Personal Reports website as a free Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (CLUE) report. The generated driving record will only have incidents that are related to the insurance claims and those in the court.

Searching Driving Record Services Online

Note that you are able to check the driving record online. Some of the reports will be from government agencies whereas others are created by private companies. If you are willing to get a report for employment purposes, then the condensed information offered by most of the companies available online is enough.

Sometimes, you can get these reports for free but they will not have all the details. It is better to use this system for the basics.

Different Types of Report

It’s your choice to figure out which option will be best for you to get driving reports as per your need. The process is instantaneous but you might have to wait for a few days to get the report. The time to get the report will be dependent on factors like:

  • From the place you are going to get it.
  • Receiving it in the email copy.
  • Receiving it in hard copy by mail
  • Hard copy printed out yourself on the website.

Ensure that you get multiple copies to use them in the future.

Once you get your driving report, properly check it to identify the mistakes if any. This is important if you have a common name.