Checking Your American Express Gift Card Balance | 2 Ways To Do It


American Express has been serving the customers since 1850. The organization is working hard to facilitate the customers in the best way possible.

To reward customers and to make things easier, American Express has launched the Business and Personal Gifts cards. The key highlights of these cards are:

  • The funds present on your gift card will not expire.
  • American Express® gift cards are mostly accepted at different places.
  • There is no fee on the gift card after the purchase.
  • The cards can be used in-store and online.

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As mentioned above there are two types of gift cards:

Business Gift Cards:

This is perfect if you are going to order gift cards for clients, groups, and customers. You can pick any design for any occasion that will include a custom message along with your gift. These cards are available in an amount of $25 to $3000.

Personal Gift Cards:

These cards are best for an order of 5 cards or less. They are also available in a different design or any occasion and the amount is $25 to $3000.

How to Check Balance on Gift Cards?

Have an American Express gift card and want to ensure that you have the enough AmEx gift card balance to make the purchase, do the following:

Online Checking

For this, you need to visit the American Express gift card website. Just click on the “Check Balance” and you have to enter a 15-digit number of your card. After this, click on continue and you will be directed to a page that will show you the remaining balance on your card along with all the transactions done with the card.

Checking Via Phone

You can also check your balance using your smartphone. For this, you need to dial American Express customer service at 1-877-297-4438. Furthermore, you can also call on a number present at the back of your AmEx gift card. You have to follow the instructions and have to enter your card’s number to know your balance.

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These were the two ways through which you can easily check your balance before making any purchase.