What is Kroger?

Kroger is a 137 year old retail company that has given its best to not only its customers but also to its employees as well. Its 5th largest retail company in the world and it has kept its rank constant for years.


Food is essential for any living thing. Time by time humans started inventing new recipes because, with time, the human taste began to change. In my opinion, food is a source of travel for our taste buds.

We can easily know the cultures and traditions of any area, country, or even a continent just by tasting the flavors of their foods. We don’t have to physically travel and to me, it is such an amazing thing because not everyone has the means to travel but food takes us there. And needless to say, cheese has to be one of the top favorites for every human being.

People from around the world have created their own recipes and tastes for cheese. If (and I guess I speak for everyone) one taste that remained constant as everyone’s favorite, IT IS CHEESE! And nowadays the best that is delivered to us is Murray’s cheese.

Now you might be looking for questions like what is it? How was it discovered? How its made? Well, ALLOW ME!

Kroger Stories:

What is Murray’s Cheese?

Based in a village Greenwich in New York City, the wholesaler and retailer company took the world by a storm with its exquisite flavor and texture. It was founded 80 years ago in 1940. And now as we speak it has expanded to 350+ branches across the world.

It has the required amount of calories and vitamins essential for the human body and keeps itself out of any food controversies one might think of.

You can also have online access to any information or any detail about Murray’s Cheese at

Kroger and Murray’s Cheese relationship

When we talk about companies, especially companies that are well known around this world, we think that THAT WON’T WORK. Why? Because wherever the big names are the controversies follow. Everybody tries to tear down each other’s names and build up their own. But when you talk about Kroger and Murray’s Cheese, they work well. Indeed they have marked their names in the food industry.

With the exquisite taste that Murray’s deliver us and the best delivery of work that Kroger delivers us, it is the best combo anybody can ask for. No matter what area or what country you go, whenever you visit a Kroger store you will always see pops of red and yellow color. You guessed it RIGHT! Its Murray’s Cheese. Whenever there is Murray’s cheese, that Kroger store seems to do better. They have a direct relationship with each other which allows customers to have both service and taste. The Kroger employees are also very enthusiastic over Murray’s cheese. Its a weird yet a sensible match. If you notice Murray’s Cheese is a small shop that has a big reputation and Kroger is a big grocery store that has a customer service reputation of a small store. They BLEND IN JUST WELL. And in my opinion, THAT’S MAGIC!

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