Closing Bank of America Account Online – Here’s How To Do It?


Bank of America is a renowned bank and it is one of the biggest banks in America. This bank has more than $2.17 trillion in assets. The important thing to consider is to ensure that you are getting the best deal when you are going to place your money in a bank.


When it’s time to move your money from one bank account to another, you need to ensure that you properly clear out your balance from the previous bank and officially close your bank account.

If you want to close the Bank of America account, you can do a few things online. But you have to call or visit the local branch to finish your process.

How to Close an Account Online?

Even after the ease of online banking, there are few services Bank of America is not providing online. The individual can review their balance in their accounts and can move all their money from one place to another for easy withdrawal. A person can also easily deposit the check-in into their new account or have a cashier’s check written that you can simply take to your new bank and deposit it.

For this, visit a local branch or make a call when you want to close your account. But before making the call, you need to go through your recent charges and note down any payments that you have set up to automatically come out of your bank account. If this is the case, then you have to get in touch with every payer and inform them that they have to switch to your new bank account for avoiding any denied payments.

Closing Bank Account on Phone?

If you don’t want to visit the local branch, then you can call at a bank to close your account. Ensure that you have cleared all your funds before making the decision. Moreover, if you have a Bank of America Credit Card, you can cancel that on phone by calling at 800-732-9194.

For a Bank of America closing savings account or checking account, call at 800-432-1000. You can also send a letter to Bank of America, FL1-300-01-29, P.O.Box 25118, Tampa, FL33622-5118 for closing your checking or saving accounts. The letter should be signed by the person who has the account.

What If the Bank Account Is Closed?

Once your bank account is closed, then your request for funds will be denied. You will miss a payment on the way and it will cause problems with your creditor. Most of the people leave their old account open with a low balance for a time to get the recurring payment they might have missed.

According to the state laws, the bank account should be closed after the account holder requests. It is recommended to save all the documents and check your local laws. If you want to contact your local regulators, you should contact a bank first and tell them that your account is still open and you are going to report it.

For How Long Banks Keep Record of Closed Accounts?

Every bank has a different policy. But Bank of America keeps the record of closed accounts for seven years. This is just for historical purposes and it will not affect your credit in a negative way.

This was brief on closing your Bank of America Account Online and other relevant details that a person should know. You can contact Bank of America customer service for answers to your queries.