Tuesday marks the end of the Kroger store in Broad Ripple and the due dates are now announced. According to the authorities, the stores are not much profitable for them so that’s why they now decide to close this store in a month.


According to the company statement store financial analysis shows that the area 6220 Guilford Ave. cannot bring much turnaround. The reason behind the poor performance of the company is due to its location where it is located.

The company further added in this that the employees of the store will not face any further issues after the store closure as the company will make sure for the jobs of these 40 employees in the stores nearby.

In the current situation, the Kroger maintains is the best grocery chain especially in the region of Indianapolis as compared to the two other locations that are quite 4 miles far away from this location. The 2018 analysis conducted by Chain Store Guide stated in their industry trade publication regarding the dominancy of Kroger of Indianapolis region store.

The 66 years store located in the Broad Ripple, fortunately, faced some of the tough times due to the new store opening in 2017 named Fresh Thyme Market. Fresh Thyme Store is majorly popular for its selling in seasonal farmers’ products and the most famous health food store and the best part of it is that distance can be covered easily by feet. Meijer one more grocery chain that is supported in the same region and anyone can reach in a short drive.

According to the Broad Ripple Village Association, the redevelopment of the place after the Kroger quits from that location will help the community a lot. Furthermore, Association also said the reconstruction of the Kroger parking will also take place.

The Executive Director of the Collen Fanning it is saddening that we are losing our long-time neighbor. Adding more to this he said that it is our prime concern to provide security to the resident and visitors of Broad Ripple by securing the parking lot of Kroger and maintaining safety measures.

The closure of the Kroger Board Ripple store is saddening for the resident especially in this state of a pandemic where people can purchase the product easily.