OCADO is a British online supermarket. It has no chain of stores but it makes its deliveries to its customers directly from its warehouse. Yet it is known to the world as “world’s largest technology in grocery E-commerce.” And it was founded only 20 years ago. CRAZY. RIGHT?



 Kroger is a 137-year-old retail company that has stood firm on its ground and ranked as the 5th largest retail company in the world. It has 2500 and above stores all around the world. You can also call it as a chain of food network in the world. Providing its best to its customers and employees and giving back to the world is all that Kroger is about.


A fulfillment center can be called as a warehouse where orders that are received from customers of a particular company or shop are processed and then they go out for delivery in the area required. A vast amount of companies have fulfillment centers for a better service in both quality and quantity.


The company made an official statement on September 28th, 2020. When they disclosed that they have chosen Romulus, Michigan as the location for their new CFC.

You might be wondering why? Why was this collaboration needed? But like I said Kroger always wants what’s best for its customers. They are building this facility because they want to accelerate their service. They want to provide what the customers want at a higher speed, keeping safety its top priority. And let’s be real, it won’t hurt to have expectations held high with Kroger.

Kroger has decided to invest $95 million in this project and has declared that there would be an opening for 250 more jobs in that area. Which means employment for people of that particular area. Whenever people of a particular area are employed it means that the government that is in charge of that area also flourishes, meaning a stable economy.


Thinking of others is something not everyone is capable of but in Kroger’s case, it is completely opposite. As I said that it won’t hurt if we keep our expectations high for it. It has always done what is best for its employees and customers, people around it generally. If it weren’t for it, it wouldn’t have been able to stand on its grounds.

Not only does it provide employment but also it helps its customers to have a better and faster service. They can have easy access to anything by just staying home.

The Internet has now created such ease for people to communicate, work, help others also it has made it easy for them to help themselves too. Now people don’t have to rely on “traveling” to Kroger stores to have something. Now everything is just a single touch away.

In my opinion, collaborating is always a great opportunity for widening wings. It provides opportunities for multiple companies that are involved. There is no shortcut to success but its easy when done in unity.

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