Companies co-owned by Kroger’s


Kroger is a large company known for its grocery stores and pharmacies. This not where it ends, it co-owns many other brands that you may not even know about. Therefore, if you think that you have never bought from Kroger specifically then you are in for a little surprise.


What are C-brands?

C-brands are a good marketing strategy for a company to increase its income and to spread a name. Many huge companies worldwide are known to co-own more than 2 brands at least. These brand names can be for goods or services to create a strong alliance. Several types of co-branding are known, typical ones are when 2 companies collaborate to own a brand. An easy example would be Nike and Apple; their collaboration was on the Apple Watch Nike+.

Co-owned brands by Kroger

On their supermarket website, you can find the list of all these brands under the ‘family of companies’.

  1. Kroger
  2. Baker’s
  3. City Market
  4. Jay C Food Store
  5. Dillons
  6. Smith’s Food and Drug
  7. Food 4 Less
  8. Foods Co
  9. Harris Teeter
  10. QFC
  11. Fry’s
  12. Gerbes
  13. Fred Meyer
  14. King Soopers
  15. Ralphs
  16. Pay-Less Super Markets

Baker’s plus by Kroger

Baker’s stores were bought by Kroger Company from Fleming in 2001. It is a supermarket chain as well. They sell high-quality products produced by the Company. The annual revenue of this store is $325,000,000, which is a huge portion of the complete annual revenue of Kroger.

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City Market

In 1983, Kroger decided to merge with Dillon Companies. Dillon had already acquired the name of City Market in 1969. Henceforth, when these two companies shook hands, the city market became a part of this chain. Currently, this brand has 38 stores in Utah, western and central Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming.


Dillons was merged with Kroger in 1983, creating the largest grocery store chain. Today, 93 stores have been established by them and have hired more than 12,000 employees. This store based in Kansas gives yearly revenue of 5.2 billion dollars. Based on several reports, their employees estimated are 47,000. The salary paid is very satisfactory; ranging approximately from 7.77 dollars per hour for the courtesy associate and 13.21 dollars per hour for general manager.

Food 4 Less

Food 4 Less is a national grocery store that has been owned by Kroger Company. Their policy is to check your grocery into bags at the checkout counter. These stores are located in 4 cities currently; Idaho, California, Oregon, Washington. In cities where they do not have the rights to this name, they operate under the name Foods Co.

Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer is a type of one-stop superstore. They keep all types of goods in their supermarket. Some of these goods are jewelry, grocery, pharmacy, bank, clothes and shoes, electronic items, home décor, restaurants, sports items, and toys too. The annual estimated revenue of this store is 4.897 billion dollars, with around 30,000 employees working for them.

Fry’s Food and Drugstore

Fry’s company was sold to Dillons in 1972 as one of the Kroger subsidiaries. It is not affiliated with Fry’s Electronics in any way, though the label used is the same. When Dillons got merged with Kroger, these stores came under the name of this company. The revenue generated by this company is 52.4 million dollars. According to facts online, the total employees hired by them are 22,000.


In 1966, Dillons merged with this company and has been a part ever since. Currently, 6 stores of Gerbes are located and working in Colombia, Jefferson City, and Central Missouri. They are also a supermarket like other co-owned brands.

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Harris Teeter

This is one of the Kroger Subsidiaries like other companies. 260 stores are being operated by this chain currently. They are one of the largest chains today. In 2012, Harris Teeter was ranked at number 34 n as “Top 75 retailers and wholesalers” bases on the fiscal year sales of 3.4 billion dollars in 2011. In 2013, it was acquired by the Kroger Companies for 2.5 billion dollars.

King Soopers

In 1957, it was assimilated by Dillons just after it had established 9 stores. The mission of this company was to provide customers with cleanliness, cordial services, value, and good quality. Like other stores, this is also a supermarket service. They sell the best quality products that are produced by their parent company.

Jay C Food Store

Their brand Ruler Foods was grown to 13 stores after being acquired by Kroger Company. The Foods Plus Co. was renamed to JayC Plus. As of 2012, the JayC brand had 23 operating stores. Currently, 4 stores of this brand are being operated.

Pay Less Supermarkets

There are 9 supermarkets of Pay less; they are also part of Kroger Subsidiaries. In 1999, this supermarket was taken over them. This brand is completely owned by the parent company. More than 700 employees are working in their stores today. The estimated sales have been said to be 87.31 million dollars.

Quality Food Centers (QFC)

A total of 62 stores are being run under their name. This company was taken over by Kroger in 1998. 2500 employees in total work in their stores today. An income of 72.3 million dollars is being generated annually.


In 1995, Ralphs was merged with the Food 4 Less brand, later they became a part of Kroger subsidiaries. Yearly revenue for Ralphs has been estimated at around 6.31 billion dollars. It has 465 stores operating today with 800 food and drug stores as well.

Smith’s Food and Drug

By 2018, it had 142 stores located in the United States. It was acquired by Fred Meyer in 1997 for around 700 million dollars. Due to this deal, a general merchandise chain and supermarket was created with 374 stores in 17 western states. 3.03 billion dollars is the estimated revenue of Smith’s with 151 locations in the US. An amount of 16,059 employees are working under this company today.

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