Costco Just Bought Back your Favorite Holiday Season Treat


If you’ve been a Costco member since last year, you must’ve been gotten this delicious treat from the retailer giant especially around the holiday season as it was definitely a hit, and one of the most popular holiday season snacks being sold at the retail giant, enough for it to restock the delectable snack this year.


Costco has bought the Mrs. Prindables Pretzel Caramel Rods and that too for a pretty amazing price. You can get these at your favorite retailer’s for just $12.99. If you don’t have a Costco membership, the Pretzel Caramel Rods are also available at Amazon, however, you will have to pay $31.83, which let’s be honest is comparatively a very high price. 

They were also recently spotted by one of Costco’s fan accounts on Instagram (@Costcodeals) in Aloha, Oregon but not every Costco location may be having these, so might you want to call your local Costco warehouse store and check for availability. 

The popular Pretzel Caramel Rods are handmade and delicious chocolate-covered treats, dipped in caramel and decorated with sprinkles that make the perfect treat to gift your family, loved ones, and relatives for the holiday season. Each pack contains dark chocolate with sugar & sea salt, dark chocolate with sprinkles, milk chocolate with a dark chocolate drizzle, and chocolate caramel dipped in dark chocolate with peppermint white chocolate drizzle.  You can split these into cellophane wrap bags with different colored ribbons, as suggested by Hip2save, or even add them into a gift basket already available at your home with other snacks! We can assure you your loved ones would absolutely love getting this yummy treat as a gift. 

The grocery giant also has a great collection of other items that make amazing gifts you could pick up on your next trip if you’re going holiday shopping. So, if you don’t want to take a trip far down to your local warehouse club just for these pretzels, you might be interested to know the wholesale retailer is also selling the viral Tik Tok hot cocoa bombs again, that are ornament-shaped hot bombs that melt into your cup after you steam them with a cup of hot milk and also release marshmallows. What a perfect treat for the season!

Other items you might want to check out include AirPods that are on sale for just $100, Wine Advent Calendars, and everyone’s favorite the mini patron variety pack.  

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