Costco nixes coconut milk from Thai suppliers accused of using monkey labor


After Stop n Shop, Giant Food, Hannaford, Food Lion, and Walgreen pledged not to stock or sell any products containing coconut from Thai suppliers after the allegations of using forced monkey labor surfaced, Costco has decided to follow suit.


The Issaquah, Washington-based wholesale corporation has decided it will not sell or stock coconut milk produced by Chaokoh which is one of the world’s largest companies for the production of coconut milk, officials from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) told USA TODAY.

PETA president, Ingrid Newkirk also told USA TODAY how Costco had made the right call to reject animal abuse and it expects Kroger to follow the footsteps as no kind of shopper wants monkeys to be chained up and be treated like coconut picking machines.

The decisions by various supermarkets over America came into effect after an investigation done by PETA in Asia revealed monkeys were chained, mistreated, caged, and made to collect over 1,000 coconuts a day. Even in the UK, many suppliers had vowed not to supply products by Thai based companies accused of abusing monkeys for harvesting coconuts. The fiancé of the UK’s current Prime Minister, Carrie Symonds also tweeted regarding the issue and advised every supermarket to stop selling products by companies who could be potentially exploiting and abusing monkeys.

However, USA Today reports the Thailand-based producer of Chaokah coconut milk has denied these allegations and has also audited coconut plantations using a third party. Moreover, the company has also submitted a copy of a report named ‘’Monkey Free Coconut Due Diligence Assessment’’ The report states 64 out of 817 farms chosen were unable to find the use of monkeys for harvesting coconuts. Whatever the truth may be, you will not be able to find Coconut Milk at your nearest Costco store the next time you visit or even on the official Costco website!

Costco, the world’s second-largest retailer with over 500 stores in the United States alone, has always been responsible and sensitive towards its environment. Just recently Costco removed ‘’Palmetto Cheese’’ from all of its stores after its founder criticized and passed inconsiderate remarks about the Black Lives Matter movement.