Could Kroger’s high-tech foray of Florida bring goods to Sarasota-Bradenton


Florida, Tampa: As we all are aware that Kroger has started grocery deliveries in Tampa, Florida. Now Florida is experiencing explosive growth and Groveland is strategically located to provide quick access to many cities,” Kroger spokeswoman Andrea Colby wrote in an email. She further stated that “As I’ve concluded, this is not the Instacart model, where outside shoppers are sent to already established stores like Publix. This is a model of a distribution centre, where the merchandise comes to a central facility and Kroger’s delivery drivers bring items directly to customers. According to the company’s job postings.”


Furthermore, a customer walks out of a Kroger grocery store in Flowood. The company does e-commerce business in Florida. Despite their brand awareness, Kroger was virtually non-existent in Florida before this new delivery system, except for the Jacksonville-area Harris Teeter Store. Kroger also entered Florida as the primary financial backer of Lucky’s Market, an organic grocery store known for its prepared foods, fresh produce, speciality products, and pharmacy division. Kroger was such a big banker on Lucky’s that he built a distribution centre in Orlando.

Could Kroger's high-tech foray of Florida bring goods to Sarasota-Bradenton

Lucky’s was not financially successful. After Kroger pulled out in late 2019, it wasn’t long before the company went bankrupt. Go from 21 stores in Florida to zero. But even before Lucky failed, Kroger had something in the works for its flagship brand. In July 2019, the company launched the cornerstone in Groveland for the construction of its second so-called “customer fulfilment centre”. Kroger has partnered with online grocery retailer Ocado to bring the facility to life.

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These centres, also called “sheds” by the company, are automated with both digital and robotic capabilities. Inside the barns, more than 1,000 robots navigate the giant 3D nets known as The Hive, according to Krueger. The network contains bags with products and customer orders ready for delivery. The first shed officially opened in Monroe, Ohio in April. Kroger has so far committed to building 20 of these facilities and has already announced plans for sites in Dallas. Along with Texas; Forest Park, Georgia; Frederick, Maryland; Phoenix. And Arizona; Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, and Romulus, Michigan, as well as in the Pacific Northwest and western United States regions.

Looks like Kroger is trying to dip his toes into the Florida market. Its business model, which appears to be high-tech and focuses on comfort, is unlike anything you’ve seen here before. The company relies on its snow fowl and farm clients from places like the Midwest. While hoping that brand recognition will be enough to boost business here. “While Florida is a new geography for Kroger, there are many residents who have moved to the state who are familiar with the brand,” Colby said. What are your views on it? Do you think Kroger will do better in Tampa? Let us know in the comment section below.

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