COVID-19’s Frontline Warrior


Frank Grant, a semi-retired health care professional devoted most of his life to the welfare of people. Kroger released an article of appreciation for their brave frontline warrior on the website. Grant mentioned in an interview that he saw a person checking out two bags of groceries, after the bill was printed the person went with no groceries at all. “this was the beginning of COVID-19”, Grant said.


The CEO of his own company, Grant Ventures is now serving Kroger as a frontline warrior. This remarkable gentleman spent six years in Amplion clinical communications and has been in several leadership positions in many health care centers. Grant changed his path and came entered the world of real estate to get a better life and earn. He opened his business and soon realized that the country needs him. COVID-19 started to hit the world and this brave warrior decided to leave everything behind and work for his community.

This exceptional gentleman is now working as a cashier at Kroger’s as he wants to be one of the frontline workers [Truly heartwarming!]. Not only this, but this responsible citizen of the country sends his paycheck to Second-harvest-food-bank in Middle Tennessee to support people in need. Kroger’s appreciation will make many others want to do the same and be selfless. Kroger has been the most caring and moving when it comes to its people. The company truly appreciates the hard work of their employees and staff.

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