Covid-19 – Kroger Announces to Sanitize the Stores to Safeguard the Employees


The recent threat of Covid-19 has shattered the health and business around the globe, and retail stores are no exception. Like doctors and nurses, these stores have to be operational even during the severe pandemic to provide utilities to the masses. Panic shopping has created more rush in these retail stores, and they are addressing more visitors on a daily basis than the routine days.


Kroger Cares For Covid-19

Kroger Announces to Sanitize the Stores to Safeguard the Employees

Kroger, being one of the leading retail chains of retail stores, is also facing various issues during these unpredictable days amidst Covid-19 breakout. With so many people visiting the stores, the staff is at a higher risk of catching this deadly virus. Although Kroger is ensuring that all the employees, including sales staff, adopt standard precautionary measures, the corporation is going beyond these standards to ensure the safety of the team.

Rodney McMullen, the CEO of Kroger Co., has recently announced it officially that the company is trying its best to safeguard its employees and customers from the fatal virus of Covid-19. According to him, the store is keeping a watchful eye on the current situation of the viral outbreak. All the concerned authorities, including state, federal, and local agencies, are collaborating to prevent any serious issue. Moreover, health organizations, along with the CDC, are also on toes to monitor the situation and cooperate with Kroger.

McMullen further expressed that the stores are operating during these too bad days with an aim to provide everyone with what they need. There are lockdowns expected during the upcoming days keeping the alarming situation of Covid-19 in view. However, Kroger will try its best to keep running through those tough days too. This hard decision is to provide the pandemic struck people with affordable life essentials and food items.

The Frontline Warriors

After this announcement from the CEO, the real job starts. Since Covid-19 is highly contagious, different countries have imposed lockdown in markets and business centers. Social isolation is the best precaution al the doctors and health experts are advising. However, it is not workable for the staff members of Kroger since they are in close contact with the public every day. Working at a public place for long hours puts the Kroger’s sales and office staff at a higher risk of Covid-19.

Employees are the Best Asset

Keeping the tradition of taking care of the employees in the best possible way, Kroger has announced a range of initiatives to protect its employees against the Covid-19 outbreak. Since cleaning and sanitizing is the best prevention to prevent this fatal virus, Kroger has devised a master plan for disinfecting and cleaning the stores.

The new cleaning regimen will include the following steps to ensure the safety of staff and the customers against the Covid-19 outbreak.

Extra and more detailed cleaning of more exposed areas will take place during the coming days. These areas include self-checkouts, cashier stations, credit card terminals, and conveyor belts. Moreover, these areas include food service counters, as well. All the shelves are to be cleaned thoroughly before restocking every time. These areas need special cleaning because all the customers and the staff members are directly touching these surfaces too many times. This extensive public exposure can cause any serious health issue among the staff and the customers.

Restrooms must be all equipped with toilet paper, paper towels, soaps, and hand sanitizers. All the surfaces in the bathrooms will be sanitized frequently.

Since cashiers handle currency notes and credit cards coming from thousands of customers, they need to sanitize hands and gadgets frequently. Extra hand sanitizers will be placed on all the pharmacy, food service counters, and cashier counters. Moreover, the existing food handling practices will remain the same to ensure the provision of the safest possible food delivered to the customers.

All the baskets, shopping carts, and other equipment that comes in public exposure or employees’ contact will be wiped thoroughly and frequently. Along with that, Kroger will keep providing free disinfectant wipes to the customers while entering the stores. These wipes are to clean shopping baskets or carts by the customers in addition to the regular wiping by the store.


Kroger is trying hard to make life easier for the people during the global pandemic of Covid-19 by providing utilities and groceries at an affordable price. The stores have become very vulnerable spots since thousands of people visit them daily. This situation puts the health and safety of the staff at Kroger at a high risk of catching Covid-19.

However, the corporation has framed a comprehensive and inclusive plan to minimize this risk by promoting cleaning and sanitizing routines.  If implemented and followed religiously, there are very fewer chances of spreading Covid-19 through Kroger, particularly among the staff members. We wish a safe routine to the dedicated staff of Kroger!