COVID-19 Rises after Halloween rave in Utah


People want to party despite the ongoing condition of the COVID-19. A similar situation has been witnessed in Utah where people were gathered in a desert for a costume party. It happened in a Halloween rave, and many people were reported to be without masks – breaking the Pandemic law.


The chances are that they might have gotten away with it, but the woman fell on her head, and they had to call 911. Once the woman was medically aided, the police authority of the county Utah then worked with the organizers to break up the huge and unpermitted event.

It is said that the drone footage showed many people packed and dancing around the stage. Looking at the photos and videos, it was quite clear that people were too close to each other and following the law properly. Even Twitter is showing the event violating the laws.

Taking up this case further, the health department of Utah said that the county “has been experiencing record COVID-19 cases” said Sunday. So, of course, seeing a huge event like this with a packed crowd is hurtful. “Individuals who attended this event absolutely will become ill, we will have positive cases,” said Aislynn Tolman-Hill, a spokeswoman for the health department.

She further stated that the people who attended the people are more likely to pass the disease to other people in the community who were not in the event. The news declares that Coronavirus cases are increasing by nearly 10 percent in recent days. At least 614 people have died, and more than 117,700 are tested positive.

People in the party posted videos on weekends tagging Utah Tonight and Tribe Utah – two management groups who were part of advertisements. However, the organizers say that even was canceled and some people volunteered. They made other claims too – completely denied to host such parties. Ultimately, carelessness by people like these is only leading to more cases, followed by multiple deaths.