Covid-19 Vaccination shots at Kroger Health Center


LOUISVILLE: The University of Kentucky broadcasted that from Tuesday that it will move from its mass vaccination site in Kroger Field in favor of smaller sites. As we know that the health care clinics, as request for appointments has decreased in recent weeks.


This announcement is made right after the reports of from the LEX 18, the clinic vaccinated around 4,000 people per day in its heyday. The UK Police Chief Joe Monroe said, but it has now decreased to less than 1,000 vaccinations per day. He said that “It is not because nothing is available,” he said. “Because most people have either been vaccinated or are in the process of being vaccinated at this time.”

If we look into the figures of how many people have been vaccinated, we will get the total numbers from Kentucky 41% of the population vaccinated, rendering to data from Even though no official closing date for the site has been announced. Monroe said people will still be able to schedule vaccination dates on from now on.

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He further said that if you have not booked your appointment, please do it at this link. We need to encourage people to keep visiting and registering for a vaccine either in the coming weeks in Kroger Field. Or as we move to smaller sites around the campus and the city,” he said. Students who received the vaccine at Kroger Field on Tuesday said the relocation could help convince those who remain hesitant to receive the vaccine.

The students said that “Making it more accessible, you know, will make people feel more comfortable and it will be more natural just like the flu shot,” said Hannah Cardio. Some students, like Nicole Rawls, felt hesitant. It was nerve-wracking because it’s so new,” said Rawls.

Rawls said she eventually decided to get vaccinated because her mother is at risk of contracting COVID-19. She’s been talking to her friends to get the shot because she thinks it will be essential for travel and other activities. “We can, you know, hopefully return to the normal life that I know everyone wants,”

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