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According to the recent reports, thousands of people recently flocked to a square in Lexington, Kentucky, to receive Covid-19 vaccines. But it wasn’t a hospital or health company running the event. The Kroger Corporation was the largest chain of stores in the United States.


Kroger, which is the Cincinnati-based company, which has posted signs around the yard, has administered about 28,250 doses at the mass vaccination site since February. Kroger hopes to boost its health business through its efforts to combat the pandemic.

Covid-19 vaccinations, the tests give an increase to Kroger's health ambitions

It aims to bring millions of vaccines to people across the country and create more repeat customers for pharmacies and supermarkets.

While, Kroger have been giving vaccinations to patients on daily basis and making more plans for the betterment. The pandemic and the stay-at-home orders to combat it have helped make 2020 a standout year for US grocery vendors.

Kroger achieved record sales of $ 132.5 billion in the year ending January 30. The post-pandemic path is less clear for Kroger and other supermarket chains.

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The reopened restaurants are likely to take back some consumer food purchases, industry executives and analysts say, while pandemic-related safety measures push up supermarket expenditures.

In addition, Kroger is betting that in-store pharmacies and clinics can keep their supermarkets central to consumers’ lives even as the coronavirus recedes, as shoppers spend more as the company continues to grow fueled by the pandemic.

Over the past year, Kroger has also provided hundreds of thousands of Covid-19 tests in stores and drive sites, provided free prescriptions and provided virtual health services. Kroger is always, working for the betterment of the workforces.

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