Covid is over – Workers at Kroger quantified


Working at Kroger? Need to know the answers to your questions about all Kroger-related concerns? If the answer is yes then you are on the right page. As we will answer all your questions related to Kroger and the issues you are facing at Kroger.


In this regard, one of the current employees posted on the Kroger official public forum. he stated that “So stop using it as an excuse to not work and stock shelves Now. Get your shots It’s not going to be over until the general public has access to the vaccine. then we have to worry about variant strains like we have to worry about with the flu. We’re indeed starting to get things under control but we’re not quite there just yet. While everyone needs to be getting vaccinated to fight this fight”

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According to the statement which you shared on the public forum of Kroger. Yes, it is a very valid point as we need to educate everyone around us to get a vaccination of COVID-19 to fight the virus.

Additionally, Kroger has been running a campaign that is #communityimmunity if you get the vaccination from any of the Kroger health pharmacies. You may win bigger prizes like $1 million and even get a chance to win free groceries for a year. This is all done to make the community stronger and free of COVID. We hope that we answered your concern regarding your issue at Kroger. If you have further questions regarding Kroger, let us know in the comment section below!

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