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CTA Employee Portal

CTA Employee Portal Login is a website created for the employees of the Chicago Transit Authority. This Portal allows them to check their daily tasks online. Furthermore, users can also get new updates about the company and more. To access the CTA Employee Login, you must visit the official login page at www.transitchicago.com.

The steps to access the CTA Employee Portal are straightforward. But to make them even easier for you, we have also listed the essential rules and requirements. So, follow those lists as well because you can avoid any errors during the CTA Employee Self-Service Portal steps.

Main Points Discussed In CTA Employee Portal Login

The following are the main discussed in the CTA Employee Login Portal.


  1. We will be discussing the instructions to access the CTA Employee Portal
  2. More so, employees can use the www.transitchicago.com link to access the login page
  3. Furthermore, they should use their CTA Employee Portal Username and Password
  4. In addition, the employees will be able to check their daily work schedules online

Tabular Form Of CTA Employee Self Service Portal

Login Name: CTA Employee Portal
Web Address: www.transitchicago.com
Company Name: Chicago Transit Authority
Official Website: www.transitchicago.com
Requirements: Username and Password
Customer Service: 1 (888) 968-7282

About Chicago Transit Authority

Chicago Transit Authority was founded on October 1, 1947. CTA runs the trains on the Chicago ‘L’ and the CTA bus system in Chicago, Illinois, the United States, and parts of its neighboring suburbs. As of the fourth quarter of 2021, the system has 195,980,600 riders every weekday, or around 714,700.

CTA Employee Login Portal: Rules

You need to follow the rules provided in the list below to access CTA Employee Portal and keep your personal information safe.

  • Chicago Transit Authority Employees can only access CTA Employee Portal.
  • More so, the employees must not share their login credentials with anyone to keep the information safe
  • Furthermore, to use the CTA Employee Login, employees need to access the login page at www.transitchicago.com
  • In addition to that, employees must also use their valid CTA Employee Portal Username and Password

CTA Employee Portal Login: Requirements

We have listed the things you will need. Need during the steps to access the CTA Employee Self Service Portal. So make sure to read the list given below. Ow.

  • CTA Employee Portal Username and Password
  • Your laptop, tablet, PC, or mobile phone
  • An internet .connection to visit the login page
  • Link to the CTA Employee Login Portal
  • www.transitchicago.com

CTA Employee Portal: Steps to Access

Follow the instructions provided in the list below to access the CTA Employee Portal Login.


  • Once there, enter your Username and Password in the provided spaces
  • After that, recheck the login credentials you just entered to avoid any issues
  • Then click the “Log In” button to access the CTA Employee Portal Dashboard

CTA Employee Login: Steps to Recover Password

If you want to recover the password to your CTA Employee Account, follow the steps below.


  • There, it would help if you had to click the “CTA Employees: Forgot your username/password?” button


  • On the next page, you need to enter your Badge Number in the provided space
  • Now click the “Next” button and follow the on-screen instructions
  • By doing so, you will recover the password to your CTA Em. employee Portal in no time

CTA Employee Login Portal: Contact Information

Suppose you have .any issues regarding the CTA Employee Portal or any questions, the. n use the contact details provided below to contact their customer service department.

Reference Website:

Social Pages


That is all for now with CTA Employee Portal Login. After reading this content, if you think we have missed anything important, let us know via the website’s comment section below. For any other questions or requests, you can email us at [email protected].

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