Customers Compare These $17 Ultra-Lightweight Sneakers to Walking On Clouds


A year back, I was strutting around New York City in lipstick, pants, and booties. Quick forward to 2020, and I’m working from my minuscule Brooklyn room wearing lip salve, tights, and fluffy socks. Fundamentally, my present life rotates around comfort on account of the previous year’s functions — and I’m in good company.


Huge loads of individuals have abandoned items that just look great to those that feel better, as well, similar to loungewear or curiously large sweatshirts. Furthermore, rather than packing their feet into fall’s chicest footwear, customers are settling on comfortable kicks like Avia’s Slip-On Sneakers (Buy It, $17,

The ultra-lightweight style, which dispatched on Walmart before this fall, is the most recent comfortable shoe drop from sports clothing brand Avia. Known for collaborating with Vannessa Hudgens to make cute exercise gear, the organization likewise makes financial plan benevolent hoodwinks of the most recent shoe patterns. (Need more sneaks? Look at Shape’s 2020 Sneaker Awards.)

Continuing in the strides of brands like Nike and Reebok, Avia built up a slip-on style that skips bands and grommets for a perfectly sized weave. This change not just spares you time attempting to tie twofold bunches, yet besides keeps the shoe overly lightweight. The outcome is a fit that analysts contrast with strolling on a cloud or going around shoeless.

The adaptable padding insole adds to the agreeable development, which makes this shoe a go-to for individuals who take a shot at their feet the entire day, including medical attendants and workers. They’re additionally incredible for exercises like climbing, tennis, and strolling, as per customers. One analyst even guaranteed the style was in reality in a way that is better than a portion of her $80 sets of shoes.

Even better, the accentuation on comfort doesn’t detract from the shoes’ smooth plan. They’re flexible enough to wear with joggers yet can likewise be combined with your customary OOTD. Also, they arrive in an assortment of adaptable tones, including burgundy, dark, and white. And keeping in mind that you may think shoes this promising would cost a little fortune, the Avia slip-ones are just $17. That implies they feel astonishing on your feet, yet on your wallet, as well.

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