Demand for Employee Monitoring Programs Has Increased as Workers Move Remote


Working from home? As globally almost 80% of the workforce is now working remotely. Now, the interrogation is what does the advent of intrusive tools like employee monitoring software mean for home workers?


According to the new study and e-book report conducted in a form of the e-book have all the latest information regarding how companies are using monitoring programs and how they are keeping up with the employees. This TechRepublic Premium e-book collects the latest information on canceled conferences, cybersecurity attacks, telecommuting advice, and the impact of this pandemic on the tech industry.

While this exciting new study shows that demand for employee monitoring software increased by 55% in June 2020 compared to the pre-pandemic average. From webcam access to random screen monitoring, these monitoring software products can record almost everything an employee does on their computer. This is used to monitor the progress and see how much improvement employees are doing. Now global demand for employee monitoring programs increased by 108% in April, and 70% in May 2020 compared to searches conducted the previous year.

This study showed that more than 1000+ people have searched requests for “how to monitor homeworkers”.  The increase in popularity of such an open phrase reveals just how unwilling many companies are to the sudden shift to teamwork from home.

Business reimagining the digital age is the number one priority for many CEOs of today.  In addition, the most popular monitoring tools are Time Doctor, Hubstaff, and FlexiSPY. The tools with the largest increase in demand include Teramind, DeskTime, Kickidler, and Time Doctor, with recent complications being three times more important compared to pre-pandemic levels. Among the most popular employee monitoring tools, 81% offer keystroke logging so employers can see every keystroke.

It is clear that the drastic shift away from office work has made employers anxious about low productivity and its potential impact on their business. However, increased monitoring may reduce productivity in the long run. Besides, if you are not productive enough then it might get you in trouble and can drastically influence your feelings about the company itself. What are your views on it? How are you tackling work from the situation? Comment below!

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