Disney Cruise Reservations


Disney Cruise Line has been a dream of every child and adults to visit. Disney Cruise Line’s body has been made so artistically from the outside such that one cannot stop admiring the exquisiteness of it.


The magnificent Disney Cruise Line runs four ships. Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy. This Line was launched in May 3rd 1995.The cruise is 964 feet in length, 106 feet beam, weighs 83,000 tons. It is so powerful that it can carry up to 2,400 passengers at a time.

Disney Cruise Reservations

It is located in London, England and created a bond with the operational headquarters situated in Celebration, Florida, United States. This Line is not only for kids but it is for all ages who are looking forward to cherish their members.

This line is finest for families. This cruise entertains you with live shows, displays great shows at nightclubs for adults, Disney exclusive shows for kids, pools with slides for everyone along with fountains, spas for young adults, glorious dining halls inside the cruise each with elegant designs, spacious halls of the dining rooms and its graceful interior.

The cruise’s dining halls assist you with the best catering services, food of your taste and buffet in the main hall. Cruise provides you with generous staterooms and an impressive service for the guests.

This Cruise is quite crowded in summers as kids have their summer vacation and this is the best place for them and their family to enjoy. Young married couples can also come as this cruise has a very delightful environment to stay.

The staterooms are quite comfortable in size for the families. There are four sizes of Staterooms. Inside Stateroom, Ocean View Stateroom, Verandah Stateroom, Concierge Stateroom and Suites.

 Inside Stateroom, room sized between 169 – 214 feet includes a queen sized bed, television, small fridge, hygiene items and convertible sofa bed, combined showers and tubs.

Ocean view stateroom assess between 204 – 241 square feet, having a huge bed for a big family of five. A room with windows and a comfortable bathroom size. If you have children under 10 then Deluxe Family Ocean view is also offering child proof locks on each of the balcony.

Verandah Stateroom, sized between 246 – 304 square foot is surely one to book if you’re looking for space and want to spend quality time this place has furnished decks, lights and Plexiglas. Your stay would be one to remember.

Concierge Stateroom is sized between 304 – 306 square feet. Its specialty is having indoor and outdoor space. This stateroom is more spacious than you can ever imagine with equipped toiletries. All ships offer 2 kinds of Suites, first Concierge Royal Suites with Verandahs and Concierge 1 room Suite with Verandahs. Concierge two bedroom suites with Verandah are also available in Disney Magic and Disney Wonder. That’s not all, Royal suites measures between 1,029 – 1,781 square feet and are luxury Suites.

This suite has a Queen sized bed along with two single beds, one being small in size, double convertible sofas and a single wall pull down bed. The two bedroom suites come up with 945 feet. A Queen sized bed in the Master Bedroom, two twin beds and a pull down bed in the second bedroom and a double sofa in the living room. Concierge suites provide you with unlimited internet connection access in all of the rooms with special in room service for guests.

Disney cruise line gives you on board activities such as dance parties for guests to enjoy. Ping-Pong tables and shuffle board tables for all of the four cruises. Fully equipped gyms for adults so that they can take out time for their daily fitness. Cruise entertains you with on board impressive theater expansive halls for movies or theater shows for guests to enjoy. Each of the ships also host themed nights known as “Pirate Night Dinner” followed by deck party and stunning display of fireworks in the wide sky. Moreover there are more themed parties organized by the Cruise named “Star Wars Day “at sea on Disney fantasy and the “Frozen Deck Part “on Disney Magic Cruise  and Disney Wonder Cruise are also available.

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