Do Kroger employees wear gloves when handling food items for an online pick-up order?


In our area there is no Kroger store but I have witnessed the HEB employees wearing the hand gloves while placing the online order for customers.


I’ve experienced most of my job in the Food service businesses, I don’t like much using the gloves for myself, I like them without it for my own convenience as I can properly wash my hands without any problem.

Mostly the employees are told to wear the plastic material gloves from the time they would start their work and till the very end of the day, I wouldn’t prefer wearing the same gloves for too long, I mean how do they wash their hands and get all of the various material’s dirt off from it.

The organization is least bothered. The only thing they care are  about wearing a new apron after some hours has past because they get messy even if the apron is not that dirty, they won’t just clean it with some water.

It’s just their way of thinking, I mean how can they think their gloves are going to get clean with some drop of sanitizer and after wards cleaning with the towel and that’s all.

Some people prefer changing the gloves instead putting their hands again and again in the sanitizer liquid, also even towels needs cleaning they can’t be reused after they have been used by many people in a row.

Yet the organization didn’t teach them neither gave them sufficient gloves to the employees to make them wear new ones after few hours until the life of the glove is just finished.

But if we look at the hospital they take care of the health of their consumers and has various hand gloves packs are displayed to prevent the maximum bacteria hence when any staff member comes to treat the patient or in general they wear the new gloves and before leaving the place they would take them off and throw them away.

The people prefer that those who are in charge of handling food items should wear gloves, but people don’t know they can be very unhygienic as they have been wearing them for hours and can get dirty and no one wants just employees to take care of the food with those hands that are just being washed from the glove surface not the hands itself or not even changing into new ones.

All the dirt of the meat would be left on the surface without proper wash. Mostly the workers don’t bother taking care of their hygiene or washing their hands time and again.

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