Does Kroger does Well-Being Employee Assistance plan?


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In this regard, one of the employees posted his questions concerning the well-being or employee assistance program provided by Kroger? He stated” Anybody tries the Kroger Well-being and does it work?

More About Kroger

According to your question, Kroger has started this program in March. While they have invested more than $1 billion to reward our partners and protect our partners and customers. These funds include partner additions, wage percentages, store credits, fuel points, paid time off. Along with the personal protective gear and charities to the Kroger Family Fund of Helping Hands.

In the assistance wellbeing program, Kroger does offer many benefits such as free COVID-19 testing to equals based on indications and medical needs. Kroger Health testing solutions allow our associates to feel more empowered and informed about their health, creating safer stores and facilities.

While Kroger also offers the Emergency Leave Guidelines, allowing paid time off for employees who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or any illness. Plus, they are subject to mandatory quarantine by their medical provider due to COVID-19 or practice self-isolation for symptoms verified by Certified healthcare professional. Along with the access to mental health services and other benefits to support the holistic well-being of colleagues during this difficult time. Kroger also offers a hotline for helpers to ensure feature questions are answered quickly. You can learn all about it on your website portal. Just open your portal and you can easily click on the benefits from your home page. If you have any further questions let us know in the comment section below!

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