Does Kroger have any Unspoken Rules/tips?


Kroger who is one of the most known and largest retailers in USA. Now, we all know that there’s some hidden and unspoken rules which only employees know about! Similar is happening at Kroger stores as well. Quite recently, one anonymous person posted about these rules on Kroger public forum and discussed about it! Here’s the detailed rules which were posted by the Kroger employee and they are unspoken but being followed at the store.


The employee stated” I will share some of what I have learned so far, I can only talk through the front-end experience but we welcome any advice from the sections (some might make sense for some but not for everyone). Never sit where a client can see you in any way (never let them see your pain). Try to make first impressions matter, and make sure you are on the good side of at least one of the managers or supervisors. You can get $ 100 added to the payroll if you show them your 2x vaccination card (for now).

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Be sure to tell your supervisor when you leave or else he will be mad at you. The Kroger app is your friend if a customer needs to find a product, but if your manager has already enforced the phone rule. Try to look at the walkways and their contents as you do the scanning process.

Try to make a checklist of the things that you need to do if you do the packing homework, and I’ll put mine on the bottom but on the busiest day of your store. For me usually on a Sunday, pay special attention and do 1,2 & 7 because these are the days it will come “Mystery Shopper” and maybe check you out. When you are in a big place, it usually helps to have some sunglasses if it is in the middle of the day, they usually “hook” up to 8 full size strollers, so there is no need to count most of the time, if the strollers are smaller you can get bigger As many of them as possible you feel comfortable in pregnancy. If you see the carriage streak starting into the bed, or the hook slipping to the side of the duck handle because it is possible that the hook is about to fly towards you. Packing checklist:

  • Welcome the customer
  • Ask them if they found everything and / or how they are doing (you really don’t have to listen to what they have to say, you just need to tick the box)
  • Check the bottom of the cart for things that the cashier missed
  • Back as usual (hot with hot, cold with cold, box with box, box with box etc .., ask if gallons and big items in a bag) if the order is Instacart (Door dash but groceries) and there are 2+ orders make sure to know Whichever one, and if it is possible to link one of the orders, or the double bag, or leave it untied to the other.
  • Put the shopping cart as usual or if it is not there, leave the packed items at your workplace.
  • Check your holders for any leftover items.
  • Say goodbye to the customer and / or thank you for shopping with us.

We know these looks bit simple? Do you know any unspoken rules/tips? Let us know in the comment section below!

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