Does Kroger offer 2 hours break?

Are you working at Kroger? Looking for the answers regarding your shift timings etc.? if yes then we will cover all for you. One of the current employees at the Kroger company. Posted his question on the public forum of Kroger that “I work for a Kroger in Indiana and I was wondering that if the union says we can’t take our breaks 2 hours at the end of our shift is this true???

In this regard, During the term of this Agreement, the Federation agrees not to strike or any strike. Any other interference or interruption of the normal conditions of the business of the employer through a union or its members. The employer agrees that there will be no closure.  After work stoppage, it is the employee’s responsibility to advise. Store manager for his store, within a reasonable time, of availability to back to work. The employer will then direct the employees to start working on an organized basis, such as necessary for the type of work under consideration. The union has clearly stated that you will be responsible for leaving or going on break for 2 hours at any specific hours. Also, it is not confirmed that you can’t take a break in between. You can but with HR manager’s approvement.

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