Does Target treat its employees better than Kroger?


If we do comparison of Target store and Kroger then Target store is known as the 8th largest retailer across the United States ranking at the number of 39 as being fortunate to come as 500 ranked in being the major retailer store in the United States.


Kroger comes at the 2nd being the leading retailer store across the U.S, it is known for being the 17th largest corporation across the U.S and is ranked 5th leading retailer store across the globe, it is the 4th largest corporation which is held by U.S.A with private employees being in U.S and it comes at 17th number in being fortunate for ranking for 500 being the biggest U.S functioning company through generating large amount of revenues.

In the year of 2nd February 2019, Target stores has been functioning for almost 1,844 shops all over in U.S, also on 12th September 2019, Kroger store has been functioning 2,759 hypermarkets  and operates other several branches of the shops.

The employees in Kroger are mainly signified as doing cooperative trading contracts and the (UFCW) also known as “United Food and Commercial Workers combination” Union.

The trading system forms a regulation for the employees’ wages, their set terms of working, the advantages they can avail and all the other employee’s laws to be followed by the profession and the organization of the corporation.

The employees following all the laws and regulation to perform workwise working for layoff. The employees under union are mostly have an edge from the redundancy through the cooperative trading contract.

Similarly Walmart and Target store are free from union trading system and the employees from the target has told the union cannot provide any benefits and good payments facilities.

Mostly the employees at Target store are vulnerable to lose their job by getting fired if the store is not satisfied with their service or if the organization gets irritated by any cause.

State’s major union which is (UFCW) who also works for store’s employees has taken consideration that they have lost the vote of unionization on the day of Friday June 2011 in one of the Target store located in Valley Stream, New York.

They claimed to provide them with the latest election and blamed the corporation for unlawfully treating their employees.

It was stated in a declaration by the head of (UFCW) in local 1500, Bruce W. Both stated about the employees who are working at Valley Stream shop that they have suffered a lot of intimidations and the unlawful actions taken by the Target organization.

Due to these circumstances they called out for the State labor relations board to launch new elections and charge the target store in regard of their unlawful act towards the employees.

Target store denied every possible allegations on them and declares to give them a friendly environment they needed stated by Mr. Both, from Union local. Still, the employees want to go for a suitable lifestyle for them and them having the authority to work properly and make matters sustainable to support their family.

The employees would stand for their rights and would fight back hence they have claimed for new an election which should bring justice to them.

The employees from the pro-union stated that the major problem comprises of giving of less amount of payment, the work load is unjust and the hours are almost double from 10 hours to 20 hours of working in a week and hence they said they cannot afford to support their family of huge of number.

In my opinion Kroger store does much better with the support of Unions whereas the employees working in Target cannot be assured of the applications of the proper employment laws and therefore are at stake to support their family, hence Kroger does treat the employees better.

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