Don’t have a Costco membership? Here are 7 Ways to Shop at The Retailer without a Membership


When it comes to saving up on household items, groceries, and other services like insurances, Warehouse clubs such as Costco have always been the best solution. However, the only setback is that you can not shop at these warehouses without a membership, and not everyone wants to pay $60 a year for memberships but did you know it’s possible to land discounts on your favorite items at Costco even without paying $60 annually?


 Here are 7 ways to shop at the grocery giant without a membership:

Shop with a Costco Member

It’s hard to put a limit on the perks Costco members enjoy. Apart from getting a discount on almost every item at the store, Costco members are allowed to bring 2 guests along with them to the store. So, your best way to get inside a Costco warehouse is to shop with someone who is already a member such as a friend or family member. It’s also important to note that only someone with a membership can pay for any items purchased at the store. So, make sure to keep cash and a check to pay them back. 

Use Instacart or Google Express

Through grocery-delivery services like Instacart and Google Express, it can be extremely easy to shop at Costco without a membership. The first order through Instacart is free. However, after your first order, you have to pay a shipment/delivery of $5.99.

As for Google Express, the service offers free delivery over orders of $35.

Use a Costco Cashcard

Although only a member can purchase a Costco cash card, it’s free to use for everyone. The cards usually cost around $10 to $100, or If you purchase one online, it will cost you $25. 

If you have a friend or a family member who is a member at Costco, you can also ask them to buy you a Costco cash card from the store and pay for the purchase from your debit card. 

Shop Online

Membership is not required to shop online at Costco’s official website, However, shopping online without membership signs you up for a 5% surcharge. 

Shop at the pharmacy

Access to prescription drugs can’t be limited through a membership or a warehouse club. Therefore, anyone can use the pharmacy at Costco’s stores to fill out their prescriptions and purchase medication which can help you save more than you think.

Use other services that do not require a membership

Most of Costco’s services such as purchasing insurances, hearing aids, and glasses do require a membership but you can get services like flu shots, eye, and ear checkups are done without a membership.

Pay a visit to Costco’s Food Court

The food courts at Costco are open for everyone (members and non-members) and serve delicious food items. The popular warehouse club is known for selling delectable food items such as a hotdog, pizza slice, soda, churros, and much more for as low as less than $5. 

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