Don’t Miss the chance to win $1 million at Kroger

Don’t miss this golden chance to win huge prices from Kroger. This is your chance if you haven’t had vaccination yet and you are still in doubt. Then you can take the shot and stop the spread of the coronavirus.

While, the previous month the largest grocery retailer in USA Kroger announced a national “community immunity” donation, to boost national vaccination rates. Each week for five weeks, Kroger randomly chose one person to win $1 million and 10 people to win free groceries for a year. Behind this amazing campaign, Kroger wanted to have a vaccinated community all over the USA. Plus, in order to win the Kroger prizes, you must have received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine from the Kroger Family Company. Or from a Kroger Family Company healthcare professional at an off-site event.

Don’t Miss the chance to win $1 million at Kroger

However, the lottery is not just for adults who have recently been vaccinated. Any vaccinated adult may enter, as long as they meet the above criteria. In Houston, Astros stars Yuli Gurriel and José Urquidi partnered with Kroger and the Endowment Initiative to promote vaccinations in underserved areas. Ballplayers visited Kroger in the Houston area on Monday, July 5, to thank front-line workers and helpers for their work.

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While, if you are wondering till when you can take part in this? So, the last chance to enter this lucky draw is this Saturday, July 10. It is the last day for vacancies to enter the sweepstakes. Visit to enter and learn more.

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