Dundee Kroger’s recycling stop is back for one day


According to Kroger who is the leading grocery retailer in the United States of America. They have announced that there will schedule change to the July county-wide free recycling withdrawals. While the plan has collaborated with the supported by the Monroe County Program, Green Community Program, and Republic Services.


While the July 4th holiday is around the corner and will be observed in all states and many communities on Monday, the recycling trailer will appear first Tuesday at both the Kroger Store. It will be happening off the M-50 in Dundee and at Bedford Township Hall, 8100 Jackman Rd. , moderation. Kroger Station generally takes place on the first and third Monday of every month.

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While the schedule for the installation at Bedford Hall every Tuesday during the month, and every Wednesday at Monroe Township Hall, 4925 E. Dunbar Rd. And every Thursday at Stevens Disposal, 16929 Ida West Rd., Petersburg. The trailer will also visit St. Joseph’s Catholic School in Erie on July 13 and Dundee Kruger again on July 19.

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Furthermore, Dan Rock, the county’s green community and recycling program coordinator, said visitors are reminded to bring only materials approved for recycling. And that plastic bags should not be dropped in bins. Rock said recyclables can be dropped loosely indoors and plastic bags can be dropped at some grocery store entrances.

If you are wondering what material is acceptable? Well, they are accepting recycling include aluminium, steel and tin cans; clear glass and tinted plastic labelled No. 1-5 or 7; newspapers, patches, office paper and magazines; junk mail; Hardcover books, cardboard and milk and juice cartons. Lids and labels can be included. Recyclables must be clean, dry, and dripping in place. He said greasy pizza boxes, foam plastic, dirty paper, nappies, tools, medical supplies, yard waste, scrap metal and food were not acceptable.

To recycle other items, such as batteries, CFL lights, computers, laptops, televisions, and electronics, call Rock at 240-7909, email [email protected], or visit greenmonroecounty.com.

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