E-schedule For Kroger workers


Are you working at Kroger? Want to learn how does the E-schedule at your feed your future works? Then consider yourself lucky as in this blog we will guide you on how you can easily log into your portal and check all required information accordingly.


In this regard, one of the current employees who just joined posted at the public forum of Kroger that “Hi, I have been working at Kroger for a little over a month now and I have some questions.

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First, since I am only 15 and school starts up next Monday, will they fix my schedule to where I can still work and go to school? I have already submitted a request and had it approved by management, but I’ve already heard that the schedule was messed up for people who started school a week early (meaning they start today). I really like working at Kroger and would like to have it where I could go to school and work my schedule around it. I am planning to call my manager today and speak with her about the issue and to try and have my schedule created so it can coincide with my education. I submitted my request weeks ago, so the computer can have time to create it. Second, will my school be able to drop me off in an area near to my work? I live in Durham, North Carolina and am wondering if this is against Durham Public school Policy. I doubt someone will answer my second question since it’s not directly about Kroger or almost having anything to do with working at Kroger. “

According to Kroger, the Feed your future or if you are using great people portal for your e-schedule which have been facing few glitches a few days back. As per reports is working back and you need to update or get in touch with the management for your updated working hours. Also dropping at Kroger straight from your school, you may need to check with the directions and your school management regarding this issue.

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