Emergency crews responded to the bomb threat at Kroger in Richmond Hill


RICHMOND HILL: Today an anonymous call was received to inform about the bomb threat in Kroger store Richmond hill nearby area to the police and bomb disposal department. While according to the Emergency crews responded to a bomb threat in Kroger on Highway 144 in Richmond Hill.


In this regard, the official said Capt. Sykes of the Richmond Hill Police Department says the site received an anonymous call about a bomb threat. He says multiple units including Chatham County and Long County sheriff’s offices have responded. The officers did not find anything suspicious, but they are investigating the source of the call. Capt. Sykes says it may have been a phone number based on the Internet app or might be a prank.

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Now, the Kroger store was closed in was a short period to let the police department investigate the proceeding. While the site has been cleared after the police department searched for any danger or suspicious items. The department is still looking into the details and it will be updated once they got any further clue regarding this case.

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