Employee and community members call on Kroger to stop closing local stores

According to the recent news, Kroger grocery workforces and community members are demanding that Kroger stop closing stores in their area.

While the staff and customers of Ralphs Market in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood held a press conference and held Easter March 25 and urged Kroger not to close two additional stores, they say are vital to the community.

Employee and community members call on Kroger to stop closing local stores

In addition, just one week after Los Angeles approved a decree to pay a temporary risk allowance of $ 5 to retail grocery and drug workers, Kroger announced that they would close three stores in the Los Angeles area. According to UFCW Local 770 workers union, the store closures are having an impact on 250 workers and their families.

Now, Kroger parent company of Ralphs and Food 4 Less, the mandate will add an additional $ 20 million in operating costs over the next 120 days, “making it financially unsustainable to continue operating in underperforming locations.”

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In addition to the three stores in the Los Angeles area, Kroger will also close 25% of its stores in Long Beach. They said in response that “The primary goal of Risk Pay is to compensate us for all the hard work we do and the greater risks of contracting the COVID virus we face while doing our jobs. As we continue to weather the epidemic, essential grocery workers are dealing with very high levels of anxiety because we do more than just bags Groceries and storage racks. While helping our communities buy their food so they can support their families, we have also experienced verbal and even physical abuse when reminding people to stay social distance or wear face masks properly, ”says Brittany Bucknight, an employee at Ralphs’ store on Pico Boulevard.

A year into the outbreak, grocery workers have worked on the front lines and have been recognized for their work with Hero Pay because they are heroes. It is inconceivable that Kroger has closed three stores and implies that this is due to the mandate to pay their workers’ wages,” said Rabbi Arieh Cohen, who led Easter Sidr. What they deserve. ” Employees are also asking Kroger to stop cutting their hours and laying off workers.

While, employees and customers have committed to stop closing their supermarket and two additional stores scheduled to close in mid-May in Los Angeles, employees and customers hold a press conference and. Religious leader at Ralphs in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood have joined them to call on Kroger to stop closing stores that are vital to the community. During the gathering on Thursday, employees and customers distributed flyers to encourage people to call the Kroger Corporation office and leave a message for the company. They also encouraged people to sign an online petition to save stores and their jobs. The petition can be viewed online here. Now what are your thoughts on it? Share below in the comment section.

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