Employee’s Thinks that Kroger is bankrupt?


Do Kroger Chains have more to win or lose from store closures due to “hero” salary increases? Is Kroger was really going in crisis and they have to shut the stores? Well, we all know that Kroger have been in news and employees are waiting for answers from Kroger.


Now, in this regard, one employee from Kroger raised concern full question at Public forum of Kroger that is Kroger Bankrupt? He further said that “Kroger is cutting hours because they pay people over minimum wage. Fewer employees because people are not wanting to work anymore at Kroger. Less product because lack of employees at warehouse and stores. This does not look good for Kroger. but everywhere is suffering.

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Now, doubt that everyone was upset, but most chose to pay the temporary raises knowing that they could either bite the bullet in the short term or make adjustments, such as raising the prices. While, Trader Joe took a different approach by announcing last month that it would temporarily raise workers’ salaries nationally.

The chain, which operates more than 500 stores across the United States, increased its risk allowance for its partners by $ 4 an hour. To pay for the wage increase, Trader Joe’s has chosen to cancel the mid-year bonus it pays nearly 10,000 workers. Kroger’s approach was markedly different. In a number of cases, management has decided to close underperforming stores in markets as the grocery giant faces having to extend the risk allowance to its frontline partners every hour.

Kroger previously, had been in news for CEO’s recent salary digitals. Now, the real concern is why Kroger is not increasing the wage and not agreeing to pay the “hero pay”. Few of employees at forum stated that “Big economic rebound starting now.  Maybe we should each think about how we can contribute to the death of this company. If they are not willing to take care of their employees.

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