Employment Education falls 8.8 percent Report by PEW


According to a new recent study conducted by the Pew, which portrays and emphasized how the employment rate in education is falling and reaches up to 8.8 percent. More details below! 


While, hiring for state and local educational positions in October fell by 8.8 percent in the past year, bestowing to Pew Charitable Trusts, outperforming the 6.2 percent decline in private-sector hiring.

The official statement quoted “The cuts were mostly driven by layoffs and jobs left vacant in the new school year,” Pew researchers Mike Maciag and Barb Rosewicz wrote in their report. The decline in education jobs puts the spotlight on cash-strapped state and local governments. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Democrat from California) has made state and local government funding a central issue in failed negotiations with the White House over a fifth coronavirus relief package.

While Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin made a $1.8 trillion bid for the package before the election, Pelosi said state and local government funding was not enough, and she cited a slew of other political controversies. Since last week’s election, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) has indicated that he will play a more active role in ongoing negotiations to try to seal a deal by the end of the year. But McConnell sought a much more limited deal than Mnuchin and the White House.

Furthermore, a monetary stoppage caused by the pandemic and health restrictions has devastated income and business and sales tax revenues that often support state budgets, leaving many in the red. Since states cannot address deficits, they are forced to either raise taxes or cut expenditures, which usually translates into reduced services or layoffs of public sector workers such as teachers. The Pew Center study showed emphasized that while cuts to education jobs were prevalent across the country, disparities in state budgets have prompted some states to eliminate more jobs.

Besides, more than seven states report shows that local education employment has decreased by more than 10% over the year as of September, based on the most recent statewide data and 12% in other following states. Now, we hope the coming year the employment rate and development increase and it is predictable that the following ratio will increase with more advancement. Don’t forget to comment below! 

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