Employment of US air carriers will reach its lowest level in decades due to pandemic 


The year of the coronavirus has made life a bit tough! People are surviving and learning each day to adjust to this new normal. Now, another department’s economy is going is a crisis and more 9000+ workers have lost their job! More details in the blog below!


According to the report by industry, the group alleged that employment in US airlines will soon drop to the lowest level since the mid-1980s, due to the devastating impact of the epidemic on the sector. Yes, you heard it right! The epidemic has hit trades moderately badly. While, the reports highlight that the airlines will cut the equivalent of 90,000 jobs by the end of the year, including more than 30,000 vacations at airlines such as the United Kingdom and America that began last month and the departure of thousands of other workers who accepted the takeover from Southwest, Delta, and other airlines.

While, the Passenger carriers and labor unions for their employees have repeatedly urged Congress for a second $25 billion federal aid package to keep jobs through March, but Democrats and Republicans have not reached an agreement on a new national stimulus package for the coronavirus or just to help those affected. 

Now, the sad part of the report is the industry’s workforce will decline in the fourth quarter to about 370,000 full-time equivalent jobs, from 460,000 in March, according to American Airlines, a trade group that represents the major US airlines.

Besides, the economy of the airlines was slightly getting better after the lockdown but again the second wave is getting on its peak and might shelter few departments again. Now, from the start of October, the Transportation Security Administration has screened 34 million people, down nearly 65% ​​from the 97 million people who passed through airport checkpoints during the same time last year.

Furthermore, the official statement is as following “American Airlines capacity for Thanksgiving Week for US airlines will be down nearly 39% from a year ago, compared to a 47% drop in the first two and a half weeks of November. By this Thursday that the revenue recovery appears to be losing momentum for November and December bookings. We hope that the situation gets better, let us know about it in the comment section below! 

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