Employment unions are calling for a priority to be given to the COVID-19 vaccine- UK


According to the confirmed source, we get to know that unions will be giving frontline workers priority for the Covid-19 vaccine. Rendering to their demonstrative, Unions have called for key frontline workers to be given priority access to an approved Covid vaccine after they have been removed from the list of those who should receive the vaccine first. The unions, which represent more than 1.8 million employees, say that by prioritizing the elderly and health and social care workers, the distribution plan is failing to protect other key workers while increasing the risk of exposure.


Previously, WHO did mention that construction and warehouse workers who are working in stores like Kroger, Amazon, and Walmart are at high risk due to fieldwork. However, they said that “It is absolutely true that social workers and health workers receive the vaccine at an early stage, so they are protected and are not at risk of inadvertently transmitting the virus,” said Gail Kartail, Assistant Secretary-General for Unite.

Another study conducted by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed the report and indicated that workers in England and Wales are at greater risk of dying from Covid during the first wave of the pandemic, including security guards, taxi and bus drivers, vehicle technicians, mechanics, and retail workers. The Office for National Statistics said: “Many professions in these groups will continue to work during the epidemic and will not be able to work from home, which may increase the chances of contracting the virus.”

Also, they are more at risk and greater exposure to key factors has also been linked to the disproportionate risk facing ethnic minorities from the coronavirus. The Institute for Financial Studies said that a third of all working-age British Africans are in key jobs – 50% more than the proportion of the white British population. “We are also calling on the government to ensure that retail workers and delivery drivers are given priority because the vaccine has rolled into the general population. They are dealing with hundreds of customers each. This must be taken into account when assessing their level of risk. ” This recommendation was made to prevent the largest possible number of deaths.” Now, let’s see when this vaccine plan will start and what will be the outcome. What are your thoughts on it? Comment below! 

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