Enraged Kroger Employees Protest; Demanding Previous Hazard Benefits


Several Kroger workers gathered at multiple locations including West Virginia on Friday to express their concern regarding the withdrawal of the past hazard benefits which ensured their welfare. This was in response to the removal of the hero pay by the grocery giant.


The employees believe it is Kroger’s utmost responsibility to safeguard their well-being. Especially during such bleak times when they are battling against the pandemic alongside the store. The COVID situation has baffled the entire world. Economies have been knocked down. Kroger workers expect to be paid in a fair manner instead of being left out to dry.

Commercial Workers Union and United Foods has decided to support the workers and has carried out similar protests as a show of power across myriad states with the Kroger employees.

In response to the complication Kroger issued a press statement stating that things are going smoothly. They have signed an extension contract until 17th October. This provides both Kroger and the workers an easy way out since they now have extra time on their hands to sort out things.

Corporate Affairs Manager Allison McGee scrutinized the situation and responded to the concerns of the workers by releasing an email. She hopes both the parties reach a fair agreement at the end of the day and realizes the efforts of the industrious Kroger staff in the success of the store. McGee believes their employees deserve a reasonable salary, economical health care facilities and a fair pension upon retirement from work.

Kroger is reportedly investing $1 billion to fund pension for 33,000 associates. This clearly depicts the company’s intentions to protect their employees in every possible manner. Kroger undoubtedly values their staff. Let’s sit back and pray both the parties involved are able to peacefully resolve their issues and reach a fair bargain.

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