Entrepreneurs Pay For Over $40K In Groceries Tt Metro Atlanta Kroger


A great surprise for Kroger in Decatur, A group of Entrepreneurs entered the grocery and started paying shoppers for their groceries. The Group of Entrepreneurs stated that “it was one of many ways they gave back to the community”. A video has become viral in which the group was paying for the groceries. Brad Giles, Tronda Giles, and other Entrepreneurs took over the registers at Kroger (Wesley Chapel Road).   


Brad said “We all just took our own individual lanes. Each of us took a lane to take up as many registers as we can and let people know, ‘Look, groceries are on us.'”

This activity lasted almost 2 hours which brought tears of joy into the eyes of the customers. The shopper’s happiness was unexplainable and they were dancing with joy.

Brad Giles further stated; “To see the smiles on the face, to see the tears that are being shed, it’s amazing, and it’s in the spirit of giving.”

This group of entrepreneurs has paid a remarkable amount of $40,000 worth of groceries.

He further stated; “We’ve always had that love for giving back and helping individuals who have never had help before and all the people we help in our work translates to who want to help in our communities,” 

After their popularity on Instagram and other channels, Brad and Tronda claimed that they have received some remarkable messages from others who wanted to give back too. So the impact was huge and this act of Kindness has spread all over the community.

Brad and Tronda Giles mentioned “Every little bit counts. Giving is something we all have to do as a community, and if we can all give to each other, it’s going to make everybody stronger”.

This Group of Entrepreneurs did not only stop at Kroger but they extended their support at the gas stations and also helped the homeless people. Hats off to them and may this resonate with others as well. 

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