ESPN to cut jobs as pandemic hits sports broadcaster


The pandemic has created chaos around the world which has also badly affected the sports world as well.


ESPN mentioned this Thursday that they are removing around 300 Jobs in reaction to the chaos caused by the pandemic (COVID-19).

The sports channel, under the Walt Disney Company, declared they are also leaving 200 positions vacant, 200 positions are removed out of a work force of 5000.

These cuts came across all divisions which were followed before ESPN, the actions taken for the cuts included vacations, pays, and other cost-saving actions.

ESPN Sports content chairman shared a memo to all employees that, “We are parting ways with many exceptional teammates, all of whom have made important contributions to ESPN. These are not easy decisions, and we will work hard to make their transitions easier,”

“Prior to the pandemic, we had been deeply engaged in strategizing how best to position ESPN for future success amidst tremendous disruption in how fans consume sports. The pandemic’s significant impact on our business clearly accelerated those forward-looking discussions.”

Disney had also claimed in September they are removing about 2800 Jobs due to the pandemic, which has badly affected Travel, Parks, and Operations.

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