Facebook employees in the US will have Thanksgiving week after facing the challenges of COVID-19


The festive and time of year has come where celebrations and meeting your old friends with tables full of meals. Recently, the most used and popular social platform which is called Facebook announced a special message for their employees.


The Facebook CEO Mr, Mark Zuckerberg has given all Americans the entire Thanksgiving week, for an internal message he sent Wednesday evening. The memorandum says that the number of employees worldwide has taken three days of leave from the air from Monday, November 23 through Wednesday. The days will be specific teams or geographic regions.

Further, he added, “The idea here is to give a holiday as many people as possible.” Facebook has faced an unusually unrestrained time internally. Previously, it was in limelight due to the shooting began on a large scale in the name of police, George Floyd, a defenseless black man. Facebook later restricted how and where political views could be expressed on internal message boards.

While, the employees are working from home since the lockdown has begun and the employees grew a bit upset when Facebook didn’t remove the post from the president Trump (presentation of the hate speech post) – After that, the company introduced a series of new election-related policies, but it has sometimes struggled to enforce them consistently or to make this implementation clear to foreigners. For example, earlier this week, the company allowed Trump’s campaign to prepare an ad indicating that he had won the election, in direct contradiction to Facebook’s rules, and then justified the decision by saying the exact wording of the ad – “President Trump is still your boss” – It would be true until January even if Trump loses. Now, that’s what we call how we should take care of our employees. Let us know how you will be celebrating the upcoming Halloween and Thanksgiving week in the comment section below!

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