Fears of Halloween; Is it safe for trick or treat?


With the ongoing COVID, there is a fear too. People want to celebrate Halloween as they should, but they have questions and the discussion between MARY LOUISE KELLY, REBECCA BADINER, AILSA CHANG, and SEEMA YASMIN may help you find your answers.


So, let’s see what they are talking about and how they are suggesting you celebrate your Halloween and be safe at the same time.

Kelly starts the show by telling about the plans that have been dropped by the parents. But they want you to know the ways kids can still enjoy Halloween with trick and treat.

“We’ll do a table at the end of the driveway. And then we pre-bagged candy, so just got little, like, treat bags, washed our hands, put on our gloves and just sort of did an assembly line. We’ll probably just sit in the front yard with our little guy and just kind of watch people come up and take them.” Says, REBECCA BADINER.

However, Kelly continues the conversation by informing that parents may be posting their Halloween plans similar to Rebecca, but Seema Yasmin is still suggesting them to be safe. She clarifies that Halloween is not canceled, but extra measures for safety might be a great help. It is about thinking safely and planning activities according to it.

“And what about the risks of getting sick by, say, touching a prepackaged candy on a table at the end of a driveway?” Chang asked.

Yasmin says that the chances of coronavirus spread are more with the surfaces, but also with the crowds where people are sneezing or just talking.

Chang ends it by saying that, ultimately it is about checking the regulations and check transmission rates in your area too.

The final point of the discussion is to not feel that Halloween is canceled, but just be extra careful and avoid any crowds especially for older elders and kids.

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