Federal Minimum wage Kroger 2021


If you have just joined the Kroger, the most known and largest grocery retail in United States of America. Quite recently, few people showed their concerned regarding kroger federal Minimum wage policy at kroger on public forum. They stated as following showing the concern regarding this issue. “I heard it Kroger would rise and it wouldn’t take a few years.


How true is this? And if someone were a department manager earning $ 12.00 an hour, would he be getting more than the minimum wage? I feel that people who are already earning the minimum wage when it hits $ 15.00 everyone will want a raise. Also, what the hell was happening today? I went to Kroger and there were 3 customer service supervisors.

I heard someone at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization ask why they existed today. I saw the utility clerk doing his job surveying the store. I saw him talking on his walkie-talkie saying “I’m doing one now” so they must have been condoning a store sweep. Then when I got to the self-checkout when I saw the three supervisors walking in the front door with the holster. He must have been expecting a “company”. Maybe they’d get even more narrow if they had to pay $ 15.00 now.”

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In this regard, many people on the public Kroger forum replied to his concern. One of them explained him that “a dept manager would make 15$ + whatever extra they get from their position. If the Federal Min. Wages increases, hope your contact is also getting redone. The company will just move everyone that is below the min. wage to that wage, regardless of what being new, long term. Also, if the minimum wage does increases, don’t expect the pay scale to have a large range. Department Leaders might make mid-twenties, but clerks well top out at something under $20 an hour. If they do allow clerks to make over $20, expect even fewer hours. Kroger isn’t a federal job so nothing to worry about.” We hope that many people who are confused about this wage rule are clear and knows that Kroger rules are different and it’s not federal job. If you have any concern please comment below so, we can guide you better.

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