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Feed.Kroger.com is the online latest Feed Portal where Kroger Workers or Employees can perform login by visiting https://feed.kroger.com or Greatpeople.me – Kroger. Kroger Employees need an Enterprise ID as well as the Password to Login at Feed.Kroger.com


How to Access Feed.Kroger.com

If you want to open Feed.Kroger.com to check the latest Kroger Employee Updates then you need to open the browser and type the official Feed.Kroger.com Web Address which is https://feed.kroger.com or Greatpeople.me – Kroger

HR Connect Express Employee Login

Official Feed.Kroger.com Web Address

If you are unable to open by copying and pasting the official Kroger Feed then please CLICK HERE to open Feed.Kroger.com directly.

Feed.Kroger.com Homepage Looks Like

When you open the official Kroger Feed or Feed.Kroger.com then you see a Page like the one attached below:

How to Verify Official Feed.Kroger.com

When you open the official Kroger Feed Portal for Employees then you can verify if by matching the text Below:

The area you are entering is intended for active associates of The Kroger Co. family of companies. Log in with your ID and password to continue. Click I AGREE to indicate that you accept the Company’s information security policy.

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Feed.Kroger.com USER ID HELP

If you want any help regarding User ID then please Visit USER ID HELP

Feed.Kroger.com PASSWORD HELP

If you face any kind of problem regarding Feed.Kroger.com Password Help then please CLICK PASSWORD HELP.

I do not use my EUID and password with other systems.
CLICK HERE to establish a password for the first time, reset a locked account, or pick a new password if you have forgotten it.

I log into other Company systems with my EUID and password.
Use the PassPort web site to manage your password. CLICK HERE to go to PassPort. (This option will work only from your work location or from an approved remote access connection—not from your home computer.)