Feed the Hungry Campaign Initiated by Kroger


Kroger company started a lot of campaigns for the poor and hungry since the start of 2018. Most of these campaigns have already been able to help millions to billions of people. Kroger has fed a lot of families in need of care.


Previous Campaigns

The previous campaigns that Kroger took initiative for were Zero Waste | Zero Hunger, Fresh for Everyone, banning of plastic bags, and Feed the Hungry campaign. These campaigns helped a lot of people in need of better nutrition. A fund of 10 million dollars was established for associates and workers. Their goal is to distribute 3 billion meals by 2025, the goal was not just to give more food but more balanced meals. They tried to help others to settle public policy solutions to address the problem of hunger in this world to help diminish food waste from communities’ landfills. They want to achieve the goal of becoming the first zero-waste company by 2020 plus achieve zero food waste by 2025 in all their stores. They became partners with companies like Feeding America and the World Wildlife Fund. They also want to transform the communities of Kroger while improving the health of millions of Americans by 2025.

Zero Waste | Zero Hunger

This campaign was started in 2018 by the founder of Kroger. They had already established a lot of goals to achieve by the end of 2025. Most of these goals have already been achieved in 2020. With this policy, they eliminated all the waste being produced from their stores. 31 out of 33 plants were changed to zero waste. The amount of food that was formerly wasted was later donated to millions of families. This gave the name ‘Zero Waste | Zero Hunger’.

Fresh for Everyone

Fresh for everyone campaign was started alongside Zero Waste | Zero Hunger campaign. The reason to start this campaign was to provide fresh food to all customers and associates. They restock the shelves every day with fresh foods and products. Rotted foods go in the discounted area for the poor to buy. This campaign was started especially for the pandemic. The associates and employees are given a discount for fresh foods and products.

Banning of Plastic Bags

Kroger decided to ban the use of plastic bags in all their stores. This ban has lasted till 2020 and is expected to last till 2025. Their goal is to finish all the plastic bags from their stores completely till 2025. Reusable bags are sold from now with their logos printed on the front. A huge reason for pollution is plastic bags and garbage that are global warming and the extinction of sea life. By banning plastic bags, they played their part in cleaning the world of pollution.

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No Use of Greenhouse Gases

Their plants are all free of greenhouse gases and waste. This initiative will help clear the air of all the colossal particles that are harmful to our lungs. Greenhouse gases have become a primary reason for the destruction of the ozone layer.

Recipes and podcasts on the website

Their website has a portion of podcasts and recipes. These recipes are a part of zero waste initiative as well. The chefs at Kroger do their best to use the ingredients only available at home. The podcasts that are uploaded include memories of families with their favorite dish. Many people shared their recipes that were appreciated by the chefs and listeners. A family shared the story of their grandfather’s famous salad. The recipe unfortunately was not shared with anyone, so the chef did his best to recreate the recipe of the salad. An option underneath was to buy the ingredients all mentioned in the podcast or the recipe of the chef.

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Death of Hungry and Poor

The estimated amount of poor that die of hunger in one day is more than 5,000 worldwide. As days go by more and more people die of hunger or poor nutrition each day. Our world keeps advancing towards technology, which increases the rate of all the goods and services. As this becomes a race for the rich, it keeps getting harder for the poor to live. Each good or service gets more expensive at the cost of more than one life. This world gets cruel and humans crueler when the sun arises again. As it was theorized; robots will be roaming the earth by the end of this millennia, another theory could be that humans will become heartless and robotic.

Feed the Hungry Campaign

This campaign was a part of the Zero Waste | Zero Hunger initiative. Kroger has set a goal to feed millions or billions of families without food or employment. With time passing many families have been secured with fresh food and products from their stores. Another thing that they are set on is to not only provide raw food but complete balanced meals for growing children, sick elderly, or pregnant women.

When COVID-19 came, many breadwinners got fired or paychecks were put on hold. This put at least 10,000 families on the verge of going bankrupt. The stress took over the parents while the children cried due to hunger. Kroger in these times decided to pay its employees a bonus pay. Though this pay was asked to be repaid by the employees, they promised to put their associates in the health care program for the secure health of them and their families. The company even promised to pay them a ‘thank you’ bonus for their heroic acts. A policy was released to give paychecks to those affected by the Coronavirus without repayment.

 Families fed by Kroger

Kroger has not only fed families with balanced meals and nutritional food. They have collected funds for the donation to communities and orphanages. Kroger joined hands with many organizations for the collection of foods and donations. They have encouraged their customers to not waste any food no matter what. They also encouraged other companies to donate food and money.

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