Final Plan for New $20 Million Kroger Store is under developmental process

The management at the giant grocery store, Kroger is taking the next step to swap a more than 25-year-old shopfront with a new marketplace that includes a gas station, bank, and Starbucks. Besides groceries, Marketplace stores typically provide items ranging from prepared foods to general merchandise including toys, clothing, and household goods.

The plan of this development has been in talks for quite a long time. While a final development plan for the new 123,722square-foot Kroger Market and 18-pump gas station at 155 North Heineke Road in front of the Miamisburg City Council is set to be laid out tonight at its regular meeting.

Final Plan for New $20 Million Kroger Store is under developmental process

According to Kroger, if the board agrees to the plan, the store will be part of a “complete redevelopment” of the site. A storeroom that will build the new store on five properties totaling 23 acres, which includes the existing 68,860-square-foot Kroger store which is built on 6.84 public acres. 1995.

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The investment of approximately $20 million will increase the existing taxes generated by the property, according to the city planning commission. While there will be more than 110 new jobs which will be available for the employees if the plan goes in the pipeline.

Here’s what the area commission said regarding the plan “The inclusion of services such as a fuel center, an increase in online shopping spaces, the inclusion of a bank and Starbuck. And an increase in pharmacy pick-up points will all contribute to an improved grocery shopping experience for Miamisburg residents. Incorporating a neighborhood retailer into this location … creates jobs, expands the city’s tax base, and adequately provides goods and services to city residents while protecting existing adjacent land uses,” the Planning Commission said.

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