Finally, You can now do groceries at Kroger without Mask

Yup you heard it right! You can now enjoy shopping without masks. Fully vaccinated Kroger customers no longer need to wear a mask in stores. In the wake of other retailers, Kroger announced that fully vaccinated customers will not be required to wear a mask in stores starting Thursday.

Kroger’s new mask updates are spread across all of its facilities, including distribution centers, factories and offices.

Finally, You can now do groceries at Kroger without Mask

More and more people are getting vaccinated getting back “We have received feedback and heard valuable opinions from thousands of aides regarding the CDC’s announcement,” a Kroger spokeswoman said. “Based on the science-based guidance of the CDC and the contributions of our partners, we are updating our mask policy in a way that balances our values ​​of safety and respect.

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Kroger employees will still be required to wear a mask under Michigan Occupational Health and Safety Administration (MIOSHA) emergency rules. For customers who haven’t been vaccinated, Kroger is asking them to keep wearing a mask in stores. In an emailed statement to Free Press on Monday, MIOSHA’s Director of Workplace Safety, Sean Egan, said:

“MIOSHA will soon publish updated workplace rules that reflect recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance on face masks for fully vaccinated people. Until then, MIOSHA will consider compliance with the MDHHS order as a good faith belief to comply when responding to employee complaints or conducting investigations related to COVID-19″.

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