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Just joined Kroger or new at Kroger? Want to know the answers to your questions or concerns which you are facing at Kroger? If yes then this blog is for you! As one of the newly joined employees his concern on the Kroger public forum.


While the Kroger employee stated: I have worked at Kroger for about 7 months now, and today was the very first time I called my manager to call in sick. She said they do not take call-ins, to which I replied that it’s against store policy, especially with covid, to come in sick with symptoms. She told me that I have to come in, and I said I cannot come in, as it is against policy and I need to get better. She fired me on the spot and said I was unable to call in sick, as that day was busy, and said I was coded to be non-rehire. Is this allowed? Can they fire me for calling in sick once? I have never been spoken to about poor performance or anything, this was the only reason they fired me

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In response to your question which you asked on the Kroger Public Forum: We are so sorry to hear about it. What we advise you is that you need to contact your union as soon as possible. As no one can fire on call as per the rules of a union contract. While asking for leave you may need to report your department or store manager two/three-day advance if you see any symptoms of the delta. Plus, you may need to have the Covid-19 test to quarantine yourself. Now, if you have any further questions regarding the leave policy or calling in sick policies, feel free to connect with us through the comment section below!

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