Food couriers denied toilet access at UK’s top chains during the lockdown


The couriers who help the fast-food restaurants to run the business in the time of Covid-19 have been denied access to toilets by the big brands like Mcdonalds, KFC, Nando’s, Wagamama, and Subway. Denying them to use the toilets is illegal.


It has been claimed by the couriers the government laws order that the people who are making deliveries must be provided with access to the loos.

They emphasized the instances when they try to go the loos and the toilets were locked or the couriers were made to wait outside the premises. They added that this kind of behaviour is humiliating, unhealthy, and discriminatory for the female couriers, also they added that this is unfair that these people are helping the restaurants make money in the time of Covid-19.

The health and Safety Executive (HSE) said these restaurants must be reminded that denying these facilities to the couriers is unlawful. The chains were in a denial state but agreed to the laws.

A 42-year-old courier Andrew Johns from Southampton said that during the lockdown he asked the chains like KFC, Subway, and McDonalds to use their toilet facility but every time he was denied to use the facility, he also added that this kind of behaviour is like being treated as a second class citizen.

52-year-old courier Lana from north London who refused to give her name said that it is very difficult for her as a woman to pop behind the garbage bins like the guys do and also it is illegal and disgusting.

She added that this whole thing is disgusting, humiliating, and unhealthy which is affecting her income. She only booked for 3 hours shift just because she was not allowed to use the loo, as if she were allowed to use the loo she would have been booked for a 6-hour shift.

Other women, she refused to give her name added that she documented the incidents of McDonald’s refused the facility of toilets for the couriers via what’s app group.

Dave another courier who works as a driver for Deliverco have also been denied the access to the loo, he said that small business was welcoming to use their toilets but the big Fast-food chains simply denied the access to the loo. He also added that when you are denied access you feel like the scum of the earth.

The law agencies made the fast-food chains to apologize to the couriers by taking action against these big brands.

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